Delta BIC

Delta BIC

Delta BIC - Delta BIC

A Lighting Revolution with Bluetooth® SIG Mesh Delta Bluetooth® Intelligent Control (BIC) is now available to support mesh networking for establishing many-to-many (M:M) device communications.

• Auto-sensing networks, lighting controls and building automation
• Location-based services (LBS), geofence services
• Easier installation with built-in mesh network

Features and benefits

• Delta BIC Luminaires have the latest Bluetooth® SIG Mesh technology built-in so luminaire arrangement can form a connected lighting mesh network.
• Delta BIC includes single and group lighting control, on/off, dimming, and color temperature change, along with advanced scheduling, scene setting or sensing.
• Delta BIC Installation is easy and requires no signal wiring work. Switching can be used right after commissioning by downloading the APP from the store.


• Hospitals
• Industrial
• Offices
• Retail stores
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