Power Conditioning System

Delta 125kW PCS

Power Conditioning System - Delta 125kW PCS

Delta’s Power Conditioning System (PCS) is a bi-directional conversion system that converts power between energy storage and grid, along with energy and grid power quality management features.

It supports demand charge management by peak shaving, enables load shifting for time-of-use savings, and provides real power and reactive power compensation to improve power quality.

With Delta’s PCS solution you can realize the fullest value of an energy storage system.
Grid-tied 480 VAC/60 Hz
Rated output power 125 kW
Power factor adjustable from -1~1
Bettery DC voltage range from 750~1,000 VDC
IP54/Type 3R rated for outdoor application
Operating temperature -25 to +60 Deg.C / -13 to +140 Deg.F
Forced air with speed control cooling
0~95 % RH
Max operational altitude: 3,000 m
Peak/CEC efficiency 97.8 %/97.5 %
W 600 x D 800 x H 1,734 mm (W 23.6 x D 31.5 x H 68.3 in)
305 kg / 672 lb
UL1741, IEEE1547, Rule21, FCC part 15 class A certification
Demand charge management (peak shaving)
Load shifting (Time-Of-Use optimization)
Grid support (frequency regulation and voltage support)
Power backup for grid power outage situation
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