Energy Storage Device Cabinet

Outdoor Energy Storage Cabinet

Energy Storage Device Cabinet - Outdoor Energy Storage Cabinet

Delta Lithium-ion Battery System
Outdoor Cabinet

The Lithium ion battery system provide a high  value/efficiency, innovative, long life and reliable solution to be used for energy storage in commercial and industrial applications.
IP55 grade cabinet is suitable for outdoor environment
High power charging/discharging capability to keep the micro-grid stability
Small foot print and high energy density
Built-in HVAC to manage the temperature and humidity inside the cabinet
Double life and less maintenance requirement to compare with traditional batteries
Modbus or CANbus protocol available for EMS integration to monitoring remotely
Cell – Delta P140 NCM
- High capacity 60Ah
- Nominal voltage 3.7V
- High power / long life prismatic cell
Load Shifting
Peak Shaving
Demand response
Public Space
Micro Grid
Airport, Railway station
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