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  Delta Modulon DPH series UPS Successfully Deployed by Major European Telecom Operators
Vertical: Infrastructure

In this IT intensive world with heavy data traffic driven by 4G/5G, media streaming, and edge computing applications, telecom operators are facing the challenges of rapid data growth and the need for more flexible infrastructure expansion.

Since Delta Electronics launched its innovative high-density Modulon DPH series UPS, several major European telecom carriers have adopted the model throughout the applications. The top telecom providers in France, Germany and the UK have all installed DPH series units. The DPH series UPS gives customers greater flexibility to meet their backup power requirements for CORD (central office re-architected as a data center) or edge data centers. With the latest DPH series of 300kVA and 600kVA UPSs that grow with your business via parallel expansion with up to 8 units for 4.8 MW of total capacity, Delta now offers a greater range of modular UPS line up for more diverse mission critical applications.

News Source: UPS & Data Center Infrastructure
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