Решения для автоматизации зданий
Интеллектуальное видеонаблюдение

Интеллектуальное видеонаблюдение

Решения - Интеллектуальное видеонаблюдение
Delta's intelligent Security Automation Solution (SAS) provides an outstanding smart and secure field management system. Its Access Control System utilizes technologies such as facial recognition and RFID to verify access permissions for personnel. Intelligent Video Analysis automatically detects potential threats in the field, and notifies administration staff for a first-time response to reduce security risks in operation. The combination of License Plate Recognition (LPR) and Sensing devices such as RFID antennas for highly automated vehicle entry/exit management eliminates laborious and time-consuming paper work and inevitable human error.

The SAS can help you achieve highly efficient and reliably secure access control and parking management. Sensor data collected in the field is instantly analyzed using Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms. Behavior patterns of people/vehicles can thus be efficiently vetted for subtle abnormalities difficult to detect by human inspection, effectively preventing potential threats to operation. Moving paths of personnel and vehicles are tracked by the centralized management system to facilitate Searching, Tracking and Retracing of personnel and vehicles, as well as providing meaningful statistics to analyze personnel and vehicle behaviors. The SAS provides more flexibility in management approaches with the tools to optimize management more effectively.

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