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Letter from the Founder
There is no doubt that the most critical and urgent issue requiring mankind's immediate action is the tackling of global warming. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released the Climate Change Mitigation Project report in 2014 that points out that CO2 emissions from the consumption of petrochemical fuel in the past 20 years have increased significantly along with population growth, with Asian countries having the highest ratio of increase. Furthermore, more than 90% of power consumption is attributable to only two categories: Industry and Building Construction. Energy saving measures must surely begin with these two categories.

The IPCC report also indicates that buildings have a potential capacity for 30-60% carbon reduction. Ever since Delta’s Tainan Plant won Taiwan Green Building (EEWH) Gold certification, then upgraded to Diamond certification, all new Delta buildings have been constructed as green buildings. Even Delta's 15-year old Taipei headquarters received Taiwan Green Building (EEWH) Diamond certification in the Existing Buildings Renovation category after our entire staff worked together to modify lighting, air conditioning, elevators, and other building facilities.

Over the years, we have widely shared our green building experience and benefits via academic donations and disaster relief. To date, Delta owns seven certified green building plants/offices and has donated four green buildings to education institutions around the world, with total annual power savings exceeding 13 million kWh in 2014.

Delta is devoted to our corporate mission, “To provide innovative, clean, and energyefficient savings for a better tomorrow”. We are also committed to contributing to society. Besides the significant energy-savings that our innovative technologies, products, and solutions provide worldwide, the Delta Electronics Foundation promotes education on environmental and energy resources issues.

In June 2014, National Chiao Tung University participated in the Solar Decathlon Europe (SDE) on behalf of Taiwan and constructed a new generation green building, “Orchid House”, in front of the Palace of Versailles. This international event has run for years, and only 20 universities in the world qualified to attend the 2014 competition. Delta assisted NCTU's project with an energy integration solution and jointly attended the competition on behalf of Taiwan. In the end, “Orchid House” won the first place Urban Design Prize. Delta's energy creation, energy-saving, and energy storage solutions facilitated NCTU in winning a bronze medal Energy Efficiency Award. It was a brilliant performance.

In September 2014, the Foundation prepared an educational exhibit on water and the environment: “Run for Water, Water for Run”. The staff consulted domestic experts including researchers at the Institute of Earth Science at Academia Sinica. Our goal was to help the general public realize Taiwan’s current water resource difficulties, so people would become for award of the threat of global warming. Throughout Taiwan and across Asia, water resources are a present-day issue that requires a long-term focus. We must rely on the combined efforts of both the government and the private sector to provide solutions.

Facing a constantly changing global industrial and economic environment, an enterprise needs to develop commercial opportunities, innovate, and evolve continuously before every change in the industrial environment. We must select and develop products and services that are competitive and meet the demands of the market. Delta continues to fulfill our corporate commitment, through our energyefficient products and services, while making contributions to society, and sharing our know-how and other resources to promote and create smart green buildings.
Founder and Honorary Chairman
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