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  Storytelling with Qumi - video projection at Realismo critico and Passaggi invisibili in Italy
An eloquent example of how the storytelling of two art exhibitions can be significantly enhanced by adding video-projected content to the artworks exhibited at the venue. A case study from the Castello Visconteo in Voghera, Italy, involving eight Vivitek Qumi 3 Plus projectors.

One of the things that made this event different was the provision of complementary content, provided by projection, in addition to the exhibited artworks (over 80 paintings and 70 photographs) which were illuminated with carefully-calibrated light. Experiential environments were created, in which narrating voices, sounds, music tracks and sound effects interweave with videos and documentary footage to augment the visual experience for visitors. What makes this case history even more interesting is the budget allocated for video projection: this could be kept quite low because it was implemented with ‘pocket’ Vivitek Qumi Q3 Plus projectors, which have a brightness of 500 ANSI lumen.

The video projection of interesting and relevant content was a groundbreaking idea and was greeted with enthusiasm. The Vivitek’s Qumi projectors are very small and flexible, and with a USB flash drive you can store the content without using an external PC. Generally in exhibitions PC monitors are used, but even the biggest ones are never big enough, and with the Qumi projectors we were able to project images that were immersive.

For the full story, please continue to read the case study here
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