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  Delta Electronics installs infrastructure solutions at the data center of the Experimental Demonstration Center of the Digital Enterprise Consortium
Data center is part of the system for testing and demonstration of the Digital Enterprise platform based on a key Russian state corporation engineering research

The Digital Enterprise Consortium Experimental Demonstration Center was established by LANIT-Ural experts in 2016. The center is to enable demonstration and testing of a typical information system components with a possibility to remodel the existing IT infrastructure of the customer’s enterprise, as well as execute pilot implementation projects.

The project implemented by Delta Electronics for the Experimental Demonstration Center was aimed to ensure smooth operation of the server hardware and demonstration hall equipment, as well as to maintain the server cooling. When choosing a supplier, the customer considered several parameters like the price-quality ratio, and Delta’s best value for money became the essential reason.

Delta Electronics proposed a comprehensive solution for the Experimental Demonstration Center which included a three-phase Ultron HPH Series UPS, in-row precision cooling unit RowCool 35kW, 42U modular racks, power distribution units (PDU), and SNMP cards. The solution was implemented by LANIT-Ural experts, with the technical assistance and supervision for installation provided by Delta Electronics. The project was completed within two weeks.

Konstantin Zaykov, Experimental Demonstration Center General Manager, said: “The Experimental Demonstration Center was designed to work with enterprises of critical infrastructure. That is why there are such stringent requirements to the server infrastructure of this facility, and in particular, to the quality of air conditioning and UPS, as it is necessary to ensure both the highest protection and performance. When deciding on a suitable provider, we chose Delta Electronics since its solution fully met our expectations. Today, Delta Electronics equipment has already been installed and is working successfully in the server room of the Center”.
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