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  Delta’s Superior Expertise in Developing Comprehensive Turn-Key Solutions for Green and Edge Computing Datacenters Fascinates CeBIT 2017
Hannover, Germany, March 21, 2017
Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, announced today its extensive portfolio of energy-efficient and smart Datacenter Infrastructure Solutions, already bolstering the creation of green datacenters and edge computing datacenters with either AC, converged AC-DC and high voltage DC (HVDC) architectures in key regions of the world, is a hit at CeBIT 2017. The new prefabricated all-in-one Containerized Datacenter, and the new 600kVA-1.2MVA UPS featuring the world’s highest power density of 600kVA/m2 for optimal footprint, are both pillars of Delta’s unrivaled competence in optimizing the productivity and carbon footprint of highly demanding datacenters.

Victor Cheng, Vice President and General Manager of Delta’s Power System Business Group (PSBG), highlighted, “Delta’s expertise in high-efficiency power electronics, commitment to empowering the low-carbon economy and valuable synergies with its subsidiary Eltek are the cornerstones of our versatile solutions showcased this year at CeBIT. Our containerized datacenters have been selected for the edge network of a world-leading colocation service provider in the Asia Pacific region because we offer unique flexibility and agility to integrate different power configurations, energy-saving cooling, smart monitoring and control, and other critical elements in one single platform. This is a testament of our unparalleled profile as a total solutions provider.”

Jackie Chang, Delta’s President & General Manager for Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA), said, “Our datacenter infrastructure solutions continue expanding their reach and prestige around the world by helping customers enhance energy and OPEX savings in their ICT facilities. Last year for example, we enabled significant savings for a web-hosting company in Berlin that serves a large German shopping website by integrating Delta InfraSuite’s modular UPS systems, energy-saving RowCool precision cooling and smart power distribution system into their facilities. Other key success cases for our power solutions involve the world’s largest fast food restaurant in France and a German luxury automobile brand.”

Remarkable showcase highlights at Delta’s Hall 12, Stand D83 are:

The Containerized Datacenter (CDC), designed to satisfy the sophisticated needs of edge computing datacenters for telecommunication and datacenter operators. Delta is uniquely capable of offering diverse power platform configurations for this solution, based on either AC modular UPS systems DPH series or a converged Vac and 48Vdc CPS system with up to 100kW per unit featuring Eltek’s Rectiverter, the world’s first bi-directional power conversion module. One of the world’s leading colocation service providers selected Delta’s CDC solution to create the edge network in the Asia Pacific region for its client’s online gaming applications. Our CDC demo at CeBIT 2017 will also include:

- Delta’s HVDC rectifier systems with 380Vdc output power for telecommunication applications.

- RowCool modular precision cooling units with 35kW sensible cooling capacity to diminish the need for expensive air conditioning and help enable, if required, hot aisle containment for further energy savings.

- The DCIM platform for centralized real-time monitoring of power usage effectiveness (PUE) and control of critical datacenter operations. DCIM is a powerful tool for IT managers requiring agile asset management as it can support for remote supervision.

- The Agema AGC7648 series switches which offer best-in-class technology for carriers, service providers and datacenters by combining dynamic deep buffers, scalable route tables, advance clocking support for telecom networks and open, programmable NOS in 1 RU compact form factor.

A complete modular datacenter demo designed under a hot/cold aisle containment architecture and realized by Delta’s solution integration know-how and the application of its InfraSuite Datacenter Infrastructure Solutions which include a full spectrum of smart energy-saving sub-systems such as Delta’s DCIM as well as:

- Modular server racks with IP20-rating protection, 70% perforation rate for superior air flow conditions, and capable of supporting up to 1,420kg weight.

- DPH series modular UPS 75kW systems offering up to 96% AC-AC energy efficiency and fully rated output power factor, meaning kVA = kW. The ultra-compact design of the DPH is a pillar for IT managers seeking optimum redundancy configurations that minimize downtime scenarios without compromising space, CAPEX and OPEX costs.

- Precision cooling RowCool series to reduce air-conditioning thermal management with up to 95kW sensible cooling capacity which is currently the world’s highest in 600mm cabinets. By leveraging Delta’s direct current (DC) or electronically commutated (EC) fans, RowCool boasts adjustable fan speed control which greatly lowers energy consumption. For example, a 10% fan speed reduction can enable up to 27% energy savings.

- The aforementioned DCIM platform with fully accessible operation through 98’’ interactive flat panels with ultra HD resolution developed by Delta’s display solutions brand Vivitek.

The brand-new 600kVA-1.2MVA DPS series UPS for large-scale datacenters, offering the world’s highest power density (600kVA/m2) for matchless footprint, the possibility for N+X expansion of up to 8 units for a total of 9.6MW back-up power, output power factor = 1 and leading AC-AC efficiency of up to 96.5% for enhanced energy savings as well as advanced active failure prediction of critical components for higher reliability.

Delta’s state-of-the-art 500kVA Modular UPS DPH series in a 42U cabinet boasting the world’s highest power density in the world with 55kVA per 3U module and a flexible design to maintain ideal control of module power redundancy. The system also offers leading 96.5% AC-AC efficiency at full load and up to 99% in ECO-mode.

Welcome to discover the most competitive and energy-saving datacenter infrastructure solutions in the world at Delta’s Hall 12, Stand D83 at CeBIT 2017, held at Deutsche Messe in Hannover, Germany from March 20 to 24.
Victor Cheng, Vice President and General Manager of Delta’s Power System Business Group (PSBG), announced Delta’s extensive portfolio of energy-efficient and smart Datacenter Infrastructure Solutions at CeBIT 2017.
From left to right: Victor Cheng, VP and GM of Delta’s PSBG, Jackie Chang, GM and President of Delta EMEA, Charles Tsai, head of Delta MCIS BU, and MS Huang, President of Delta Americas, introduced Delta’s new solutions at CeBIT 2017.
Delta’s containerized datacenters have been selected for the edge network of a world-leading colocation service provider in the Asia Pacific region.
News Source: Delta EMEA
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