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  Intersolar Europe 2019–Delta to Present Two New Commercial String PV Inverters and New Cloud Monitoring Solution
  •Three-phase M125HV string inverter with 140 kVA capacity and peak efficiency of 99.2 percent
•Compact three-phase M70A string inverter with 75 kVA capacity and six MPP trackers
•Cloud-based MyDeltaSolar monitoring solution for managing solar arrays with Delta inverters
Delta, a global provider of power and thermal management solutions, will be exhibiting its three-phase M125HV string inverter with a peak efficiency of 99.2 percent and the new, compact M70A string inverter with six MPP trackers as well as the all-new MyDeltaSolar cloud-based monitoring solution at Intersolar Europe 2019.

M125HV string inverter for ground-mounted solar arrays
With a maximum output power of 140 kVA and an input voltage range from 860 to 1600 V DC, this high-performance inverter is particularly well-suited to large, megawatt-scale ground-mounted solar plants. The M125HV optimizes electrical generation for photovoltaic systems with its peak efficiency of 99.2 percent. In addition, the higher input voltage results in lower current, which allows for smaller cable diameters and reduces energy loss during operation.
A sophisticated cooling system constantly maintains ideal temperatures for the electronics. A combination of natural convection and fans were used to ensure air flows through the device and to prevent hotspots from forming inside the housing. This makes the M125HV ideal for use in areas with very high outdoor temperatures.

The M125HV at a glance
•99.2 percent peak efficiency
•As many as 20 strings via Amphenol connectors
•Remote control and monitoring options via Fieldbus system
•Type 2 surge protection devices preinstalled on the input and output sides, connection hardware for type 1 available
•Aluminum housing with IP65 protection for the internal electronics
•Terminal box with protection class II and robust screw terminals on the DC side
•All-in-one-design with DC disconnectors and surge protection on the AC and DC sides
•No electrolytic capacitors to enable a service life of over 20 years
•String monitoring including measurement of the I-V curve at each individual string breaker
•Reactive power supplied at night

“A peak efficiency of 99.2 percent — that’s really above and beyond the industry-standard,” said Andreas Hoischen, Head Solar PV Inverter Sales for Delta EMEA. “At Delta, this is how we show we are driven to optimize our products. And Delta’s customers can rely on us continuing to do so in the future.”

M70A for ground-mounted and commercial rooftop arrays
Another highlight of the Intersolar is the new M70A three-phase string solar inverter with 75 kVA maximum AC apparent power for ground-mounted and commercial rooftop systems. Thanks to its compact design and low weight, the M70A is easy to transport and install.
The six MPP trackers, each with three pairs of connectors, give the system planner more flexibility when arranging the module strings, maximizing yields. With ground-mounted systems, module rows can be set up with minimal spacing. Potential shadowing can be compensated by smart allocation of the MPP trackers. Even complex rooftop systems that have multiple sections with different alignments can be easily implemented using the M70A. If two strings are attached per DC input, no external string breakers need to be installed.
Patrick Schahl, Product Manager Europe at Delta Electronics Germany, explained the concept behind the new M70A. “Performance specs are of course a key aspect of the product development process. Based on the feedback from customers and support staff, however, we also work hard to improve little details that make our inverters easier to work with. The new M70A is a good example of this.”

The M70HV at a glance
•75 kVA maximum AC apparent power
•Six MPP trackers
•Large input voltage range from 200 to 1,100 V DC.
•As many as 18 strings via Amphenol connectors
•String monitoring including measurement of the I-V curve at each individual string
•Type 2 surge protection devices preinstalled on the input and output sides
•Robust aluminum housing with IP65 protection
•No electrolytic capacitors to enable a service life of over 20 years
•Cloud monitoring service with free app for iOS and Android

New cloud monitoring solution MyDeltaSolar
Delta will also be presenting its new cloud-based monitoring solution, MyDeltaSolar. MyDeltaSolar works perfectly with all Delta inverters and allows operators and installers to conveniently set up and manage multiple plants and inverters.

The features of MyDeltaSolar at a glance
•Manage multiple plants and all inverters of a plant
•Available for mobile devices and desktop PCs
•Configurable email alerts for all important events
•Compatible with monitoring solutions of various third-party vendors
•Displays all major parameters of a plant broken down into individual strings or inverters
•Easy management of firmware updates for all connected inverters

Interested parties are kindly invited to visit booth 450 in Hall B2. Intersolar Europe 2019 takes place from May 15 to 17 in Munich.

A free eTicket download is available at

If you would like to schedule a meeting with one of our PV experts, please send an email to
News Source: Delta EMEA
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