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  Delta to Show New PV Inverters with Advanced Connectivity and Cloud-based Monitoring at 2019 EnerGaia
Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions‘, will be exhibiting at this year’s EnerGaia in Montpellier, France the newly-launched M70A solar PV inverter, which offers 77 kVA maximum AC apparent power for ground-mounted and commercial solar rooftop systems. In addition to the M70A, the full range of Delta photovoltaic inverters as well as the new MyDeltaSolar Cloud and PV monitoring apps will also be featured. Several Delta inverters now ship with both Wi-Fi communications and RS485 as standard equipment. Combined with the new cloud-based monitoring platform, this gives operators more advanced capabilities for remote setup, monitoring, and control of solar photovoltaic systems.
“The built-in wireless connectivity of our M6A, M8A, and M10A inverters makes them all really easy to connect to the MyDeltaSolar Cloud,” said Patrick Schahl, Product Manager PV Inverters BU, Delta Electronics EMEA Region. “This is great for commercial building owners and PV operators. Especially if we are talking about residential and smaller or mid-sized commercial rooftop systems. They get extremely efficient, high-quality Delta inverters with cloud-based monitoring thrown in free for five years. Everything they need including software is available right from Delta, and of course that means everything is 100% compatible. The MyDeltaSolar Cloud app even lets you monitor and manage PV systems from your smartphone or PC. It’s really convenient.”
The M70A solar inverter
The M70A is a three-phase string inverter with 77 kVA maximum AC apparent power for ground-mounted and commercial solar rooftop systems. Thanks to its compact design and low weight, the M70A is easy to transport and install. Six MPP trackers with three pairs of connectors each give system planners more flexibility to arrange module strings and maximize yields. Module rows for ground-mounted systems require only minimal spacing as a result. Smart allocation of the MPP trackers can compensate potential shadowing.
Even complex rooftop systems that have multiple sections with different alignments are easy to implement with the M70A. If the system uses two strings per DC input, it does not require external string breakers.
The M70A at a glance
• 77 kVA maximum AC apparent power
• Six MPP trackers
• Peak efficiency of 98.8%
• Broad input voltage range from 200 to 1,100 V DC
• Up to 18 strings via Amphenol connectors
• String monitoring including measurement of the I-V curve data at each individual string
• Type 2 surge protection devices preinstalled on the input and output sides
• Robust aluminum housing with IP65 protection
• Cloud monitoring service with free app for iOS and Android
New cloud monitoring solution MyDeltaSolar
The MyDeltaSolar Cloud works with all Delta inverters and allows operators and installers to quickly set up and manage multiple systems and inverters. The system is available free of charge for five years with the purchase of a Delta solar inverter.
Users can monitor the performance of their Delta inverters in the MyDeltaSolar Cloud including current and voltage data. They can also see daily, monthly, and annual PV yields. No cabling is required to connect a wireless-enabled Delta inverter to the new Delta DC1 data collector. The M6A, M8A, and M10A inverters now all ship with wireless communications preinstalled for fast and easy connectivity with the MyDeltaSolar Cloud, while for the M70A the Wi-Fi is an optional feature.
Alternatively, installers can connect to the MyDeltaSolar Cloud via the inverter’s RS485 interface. Delta has chosen to host the cloud software on its own secure servers to guarantee maximum data security and protection against external threats.
MyDeltaSolar Cloud at a glance
• Manage all the inverters of multiple solar installations
• Apps for Android, iOS, and desktop PCs
• Configurable email alerts
• Compatible with third-party monitoring solutions
• Displays key PV system parameters broken down by individual strings or inverters
• Easy firmware updates for all connected inverters
M6A, M8A, and M10A with onboard wireless
Delta M6/8/10A series solar inverters were designed to provide high efficiencies for smaller photovoltaic arrays. These string inverters accept a wide range of voltages and come with two MPP trackers each. With capacities ranging from 6 kVA up to the M10A’s 10 kVA, they are suitable for small and mid-sized commercial applications. All three inverters now ship with wireless connectivity as standard equipment. This makes connecting to the MyDeltaSolar Cloud even easier for installers and operators.
• Dual MPP trackers
• High efficiencies of up to 98.3%
• Wide working voltage range
• Built-in AC/DC switch
• DC relay protection
• Compact design
• IP65 protection
• Wi-Fi and RS485 communications
More information on the full line of Delta solar inverters and the MyDeltaSolar Cloud is available at
News Source: Delta EMEA
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