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  Delta presents smart manufacturing and green energy expertise at Hannover Messe 2017
Major changes in manufacturing and how we produce, distribute, and save energy are already underway. These trends have inspired many of the solutions presented by the 6000 exhibitors at this year’s Hannover Messe Industrie (HMI) in Germany, including Delta. The HMI celebrated its 70th anniversary this year and set a new attendance record, welcoming 225,000 visitors from around the globe. Many of them visited the Delta stand and ordered a customized business card holder using an automated manufacturing system created with Delta solutions.

Industry 4.0: connected, automated, intelligent
The Internet of Things (IoT) is turning ordinary devices such as refrigerators and security cameras into networked sources of information that can be controlled from anywhere. In a similar fashion, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), connecting industrial equipment via the internet also opens the door to a vast array of new capabilities. When combined with automation and robotics, this connectivity allows manufacturing processes to produce customized products. These processes can be fully automated with robots, or involve hand-in-hand collaboration between man and specially designed machines known as cobots. Cobots are robots with sensing systems that allow humans to work in direct contact with their moving parts without the risk of injury. As soon as a robot arm senses pressure from a human worker or detects a person in its path of motion, it stops or alters course to avoid injury.

These automated or semi-automated batch-of-one production processes can generate considerable value through customization while limiting expense. Delta displayed several key solutions at HMI for automating the smart factories of today and tomorrow.

Revolutionizing energy through efficiency, renewables, and smart distribution
Conventional energy production involves grid-scale power plants and sophisticated load balancing to account for peaks in demand and the capabilities of the respective power generation technologies in use such as coal, gas, and nuclear. Tomorrow’s energy infrastructure, in contrast, must find solutions for matching the sometimes unpredictable generation from renewables such as wind and solar with the peaks in commercial and consumer demand for electricity.

Delta produces solar photovoltaic inverter systems as well as battery storage systems to accompany them. That means we are transforming renewables from a difficult problem for the power grid into an opportunity to enhance its stability. By shaving peak loads using power from battery storage, Delta solutions can make an important contribution to the efficiency of tomorrow’s electrical grid.

Industry leader finds receptive audience
“Hannover Messe is one of our most important events. It’s a place where we can present our industrial solutions to an international audience of professionals,” said Jackie Chang, President & General Manager at Delta EMEA. “As one of the world’s leading makers of industrial automation solutions, this was a perfect opportunity to show what we can do in the field of smart manufacturing and demonstrate the synergies that our comprehensive product portfolio enables.” Delta showcased its abilities at its exhibition. There, visitors could view and gather information on a wide range of Delta solutions.

IIoT and robot workstations popular
The integrated Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and robot workstations at the Delta booth drew a great deal of visitor traffic. Some of the technologies people could see in action here included the following:
• Delta’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES), which grants flexibility in planning production jobs
• The six-axis DRV90L articulated robot
• The powerful DMV2000 image processing system for accurate positioning of workpieces
• High-precision sensors that avoid dead zones and immediately halt operation in the event that people or objects enter the working zone
• DX-3001 series 3G/WAN VPN VPN routers

In addition, visitors could also produce a small souvenir for themselves. All they had to do was initiate a manufacturing job using Delta’s smart factory technologies, and their names were engraved on custom business card holders using Delta robotics.

DRV90L articulated robot does it all
The engraved business card holders were picked and placed by Delta’s articulated robotic arm. The robot also handled the laser engraving of these complimentary gifts. The DRV90L has a range of 900mm and is capable of moving a maximum payload of 7kg. It can operate at high speed and offers easy integration. As a 100% Delta solution, it’s also easily connected to our control units and peripherals to create highly integrated workstations. The DRV90L can be mounted on the floor or ceiling as required by the application.

Integrated energy solutions are the future
As the amount of renewable energy fed into the grid rises, dealing with both excess electricity generation and shortages when renewable sources are not productive is a key challenge. Delta has highly effective solutions already available today. With solar panels, efficient photovoltaic inverters, power conversion systems, and battery energy storage systems, Delta provides flexible renewable power without the dips and peaks. As more and more homes and businesses move to this type of independent generation and storage, our power grid will become more distributed. Such a trend has the potential to lessen the need for expensive grid upgrades and lower costs for consumers of electricity.

Hoofddorp shines as example
Between 2006 and 2017, Delta established 24 green buildings for a total savings of 10,027 tons of CO2 emissions. Our European headquarters was yet another opportunity to showcase Delta products and expertise by dramatically reducing the power consumption and environmental impact of a commercial property. The building’s energy consumption has been reduced by installing LED lighting on all three stories. On the power supply side, 58 kWh of solar photovoltaic panels were installed on the roof as a renewable energy source. In combination with Delta power converters, efficiencies of up to 98.6% are possible.

To ensure that renewable power is also available outside of peak solar power generation times, a 100 kW power conversion system (PCS) and 48 kWh battery electric storage system (BESS) were integrated into the building’s power systems. The benefit of Delta PCS and BESS is to peak shave energy within its contracted price and save cost.In addition, one of Delta’s leading ultra-fast electric vehicle charging stations has been installed for employee use. An ultra-fast150 kW EV charging station is also available. It is able to charge 4 cars simultaneously. There are 2 DC chargers for fast-charging cars and 2 AC chargers. That’s faster than competing charging solutions. These capabilities were added in anticipation of the growth of electric cars in the future.

Efficiency at the core
Behind all the systems and solutions on display at this year’s HMI, there is one uniting principle: efficiency. Whether it is the efficiency of a manufacturing process or a solar inverter, efficiency drives everything Delta does. Thanks to this philosophy, we’ve been able to achieve great things. From 2010 to 2016, we enabled global electricity savings of 20.8 B kWh by selling our state-of-the-art products to customers. That translates to a reduction of global carbon emissions of around 11.7 million tons. And we didn’t stop at just reducing the emissions of our customers. From 2010 to 2014, Delta reduced energy consumption at its own factories by a remarkable 50%. We also plan on decreasing power use by an additional 30% at our factories, offices, and datacenters worldwide by 2020.

With everything on display at HMI this year, Jackie Chang was pleased to see ongoing progress towards Delta’s goal of providing innovative, clean, and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow: “The interest among the professional community was high. Our new, innovative automation products, the intelligent machines and solutions for smart manufacturing, and our environmentally friendly power designs were some of the highlights of the entire event. The positive feedback from visitors showed us that we really have our finger on the pulse of the industrial sector and are well-positioned for the future of Industry 4.0.”
Booth HM
IIOT Robot at HM
News Source: Delta EMEA
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