Ultron (> 10kVA)

HPH Gen.2 Series 20/30/40 kVA

Ultron (> 10kVA) - HPH Gen.2 Series 20/30/40 kVA

The combination of reliable protection, cost-effective power with compact footprint and high-level performance

The latest HPH Gen.2 20-40kVA offers a compact footprint with full rate output PF at 40 degree to optimize the UPS sizing. Ensure the 0.99 input PF and iTHD < 2% for maximum upstream source compatibility. Low total cost of ownership is achieved by >96% efficiency, energy recycle mode, wider battery Q’ty configuration and inbuilt 15A charger. In addition, it provides a user interface friendly touch panel, manual protection devices and caster wheels for easy deployment, installation and operation. All these features to ensure the ideal solution for various small and medium-sized data centers and critical power backups.

HPH Gen.2 series UPS 20-40kVA - features
  Easy deployment and maintenance with compact design
Inbuilt casters for easy move-in, positioning and maintenance
Inbuilt input / bypass input / output / maintenance bypass breakers for completed distribution panel
Slim design and smallest footprint (40kW in 0.15m2) to reduce the space wasting
  Low Total Cost of Ownership
Wide battery Q’ty configuration (30-46pcs) to optimize the battery solution
High AC-AC efficiency over 96% and ECO mode to 99% resulting in marked energy cost savings
Low input harmonic distortion (iTHD<2%) which is highly compatible with upstream of UPS power without additional filter or over sizing generator
  High Manageability and Flexibility
User-friendly 5" color touch screen enables easy local UPS management
Optional SNMP IPv6 and Modbus communication cards for remote monitoring
Inbuilt 15A charger for long backup solution without additional cost
Optional IP42 kit for harsh environment application
HPH-20K / HPH-30K / HPH-40K
Power Rating
HPH-20K : 20 kVA/kW
HPH-30K : 30 kVA/kW
HPH-40K : 40 kVA/kW
Nominal Voltage : 220/380V, 230/400V, 240/415V (3-phase, 4-wire + G)
Voltage Range : 305~478 Vac (full load)
Current Harmonic Distortion : ≤ 2% *
Power Factor : > 0.99
Frequency Range : 40~70 Hz
Voltage : 220/380V, 230/400V, 240/415V (3-phase, 4-wire + G)
Voltage Harmonic Distortion
≤ 1.5% (linear load)
≤ 4% (non-linear load)
Voltage Regulation : ±1% (static)
Frequency : 50/60 Hz
Overload Capability
≤ 105%: continuously
> 105 ~ ≤ 110%: 60min
> 110% ~ ≤ 125%: 10 minute
> 125% ~ ≤ 150%: 1 minute
> 150%: 1 second
Display : 5” color touch screen
External battery temperature dry contact x1, Output dry contact x4, Input dry contact x2, Parallel port x2, USB Port x1, RS232 Port x1, REPO Port x1, Mini Slot x2
Safety : CE, RCM (IEC62040-1, IEC62040-2 Class C2)
AC-AC Mode : > 96% (Peak efficiency)
ECO Mode : 99%
Nominal Voltage : ±240Vdc (default, ±180Vdc~±276Vdc configurable)
Charge Voltage : ±272Vdc (adjustable from 204V to 312V)
Maximum Inbuilt Charger Current : 15A
Operating Temperature : 0 ~ 40℃
Relative Humidity : 0~95% (non-condensing)
Audible Noise (at one meter) : < 60 dB
IP Protection : IP20 (Standard)
Parallel Redundancy and Expansion : Up to 4 units
Battery Start : Yes
Dimensions (W x D x H) : 240 x 630 x 650 mm
HPH-20K : 44kg
HPH-30K/40K : 50kg
* When input voltage total harmonic distortion input is less than 1%
** De-rating 20% load for 30-32pcs battery Q’ty configuration

All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

• Battery temperature compensation cable
• Dust filter
• IP42 kit
• EPO button kit
• SNMP IPv6 card
• Modbus card
• Relay I/O card
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