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As a global corporate citizen, Delta is dedicated to developing its corporate social responsibility. To Delta, CSR encompasses sound corporate governance, balancing stakeholder benefits, focusing on environmental issues, protecting the Earth’s environment, promoting energy-saving education, and contributing to society. In 2015, Delta published the book “Delta’s Plan for Action on Climate Change” that describes the company’s environmental commitments, core technology and capabilities in energy efficiency and power electronics, as well as global businesses With Delta employees and partners involved, the book addresses climate action plans, shares their concerns on climate change issues, and enhances the Company's international influence In response to the Climate Disclosure Project, Delta has demonstrated its three commitments in “We Mean Business”, such as disclosing climate change information, influencing carbon reduction policies and voluntarily reducing carbon emissions. In response to global warming, all members of Delta Electronics participate in energy-saving actions.

- Specific Achievements on the “We Mean Business” Initiative
Delta proactively executes energy conservation and carbon reduction efforts as part of its long-term focus on sustainability. After the 2015 Paris Climate Summit, we publicly committed to the Carbon Disclosure Project's (CDP) "Commit to Action" carbon reduction campaign. This requires Delta Electronics to disclose its climate change information, policies relating to carbon reduction, and our role in a joint corporate revolution to reduce carbon, and to put those notions into practice.

- Pursuant to climate change information disclosure
Delta joined the CDP in 2007. For two consecutive years since 2014, we listed on the CDP's Climate Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI) and listed on Climate Change Leadership Ievel A- in 2016. In addition, we have disclosed all relevant climate information and data in our annual reports in accordance with the framework created by the Climate Disclosure Standard Board (CDSB). In response to the commitment to disclosing our carbon reduction policies, we simultaneously published the "Delta Climate Action Plan,” in which we describe our path to confront to global warming. We also take part in the Business Council for Sustainable Development of Taiwan (BCSD-Taiwan)’s Energy and Climate Policy White Paper, and have promoted the use of meteorological data in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and the integration of energy-saving elevator systems into national energy use standards.

- Pursuant to individual corporate carbon reduction
In 2015, Delta signed into the program set by the CDP, the UN Global Compact, World Wide Fund for Nature, and World Resources Institute (WRI), for the "We Mean Business" Science-Based Target Initiative (SBTi), providing a science-based emission reduction target for sustainability commitments. The commitment to keep global warming below 2 is based on a scientific calculation that determines global carbon budgets for reasonable emissions for specific industries companies. In 2017, we officially carried out the SBTi compliance review.

Delta supports the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the UN. Delta has worked toward achieving the SDGs through various projects, as stated in the first pages of this CSR Report’s Governance, Environment, and Society chapters. We have also correlated the 13 material topics identified by Delta stakeholders to the 17 SDGs, and focused on six, including: 4) Quality Education, 7) Affordable and Clean Energy, 9) Industry Innovation and Infrastructure, 12) Responsible Consumption and Production, 13) Climate Action, and 17) Partnership for the Goals. These SDGs will serve as the direction of Delta’s efforts toward sustainable development. In addition, the correlation between the abovementioned SDGs and Delta’s 13 material topics are demonstrated in eight sections of the CSR report, including 4.3 Innovation, 4.7 Strengthening Green Supply Chain CSR Management, 5.2 Proactive Factors for Climate Change, 5.3.3 Carbon Management, 5.3.4 Energy Management, 5.4 Green Products and Services, 6.2.5 Talent Cultivation and Retention, as well as 6.2.6 Human Resources Development. These sections all explain Delta’s commitment and results through the topics of “Commitment,” “Focus and Practice of Promoting Development of SDGs,” “Detailed Explanations,”and “Future Plans.”
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