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Delta Electronics Provides Uninterruptible Power Supply to LG Electronics Plant Data Centre

Initial Situation
Delta Electronics announced the implementation of the DPH Series 75kVA uninterruptible power supply at the LG Electronics plant in the Moscow region. The project was implemented in cooperation with Tempesto, a Delta Electronics partner.

Installing the UPS in a new server room was part of a larger project for expansion of the LG Electronics Rus plant facilities that assumes the construction of a new building for the plant in the Moscow region. Apart from creating the infrastructure for the new building, the Department of Information Technology planned to install the plant’s data centre there. The former building, constructed in 2006, had a number of defects and did not meet the growing demands. Nevertheless, the building will retain some of its functionality; therefore existing engineering systems should be kept there. The UPS system is one of the key engineering systems of the new data centre. Its successful functioning ensures the continuity of the company’s key business processes.

The main objectives set by the customer when selecting a supplier of uninterruptible power supply included launching a new data centre as per schedule, an efficient project implementation within the allocated budget, providing the required capacities for running business and IT systems in the next 5-10 years, as well as their protection from the consequences of the electricity supply issues. When selecting the equipment, the company’s experts considered various solutions offered by the industry leaders, including Delta’s DPH Series and NH Series UPS.

Project Realization

The main factors in favour of choosing Delta DPH Series 75 kVA solution were not only the guarantee of accurate execution of all tasks set, but also the right balance between the price and quality of the product, the expertise of the integrator company and post-installation maintenance of the equipment. The implementation process, including the solution delivery, took about 6 weeks.

Delta DPH Series 75kVA UPS provides uninterruptible power supply and power distribution for the new data centre at LG Electronics Rus plant in the Moscow region. The UPS ensures the continuity of the company's business, the basic production processes and the product shipment to the customers. When assessing the pay-back period, the experts considered risks associated with losses to the business incurred by failures in IT systems operation. For example, the suspension of production for 1 hour can lead to direct losses, amounting to thousands of dollars. If we add the short delivery of products within the time limits and losses caused by this, the expenditures for the UPS pay off in just 2-3 hours of downtime.

“DPH Series 75 kVA UPS by Delta Electronics provides uninterrupted power supply and power distribution for the new data centre of the plant,” said Sergey Sapunov, the head of the IT department at LG Electronics. “DPH solution allowed us to avoid both unnecessary costs and creating excess power margin when purchasing a UPS; at the same time this UPS model provides an excellent opportunity for further expansion. We were able to meet the operational requirements of the new building and save the active area of the data centre.”

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