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Delta Electronics provided MEGA shopping center in Yekaterinburg with UPS

Delta Electronics announced the successful completion of the project that provided MEGA shopping center in Yekaterinburg with uninterruptible power supply. The system, which is controlled centrally and de-centrally, is designed to ensure the continuous operation of fire protection systems and travelators during blackouts. The project was implemented by Spectrum RS, the official distributor of Delta Electronics, working in cooperation with a partner.

There are already 14 shopping malls of MEGA chain in Russia. The shopping center in Yekaterinburg occupies the area of over 130,000 sq.m and encloses about 175 stores. The total shopping center capacity is 4 million customers.
The project primarily aimed at ensuring the continuous operation of the fire protection system. This is one of the critical systems of a large facility which is designed to host a large number of visitors. People’s lives and health depend on its smooth running. Thus, five Modulon NH Plus Series UPS with a capacity of 120 kVA were installed to provide the system with uninterruptible power supply. The modular design means trouble-free maintenance and easy expansion. Other distinctive features of NH Plus UPS include hot-swappable modular structure that allows replacing power modules without breaks in power supply, redundancy at the module and system levels, as well as inbuilt maintenance and static bypass switch. Installation of this UPS allows operation in battery mode for one hour, which is enough for the emergency evacuation of customers and staff of the shopping mall.

“The main objective of this project was to ensure safety and convenience of customers and staff of one of the largest shopping centers in the region. That’s why we paid so much attention to choosing a provider of uninterruptible power supply. First of all, we considered the reliability of the system, as well as the company’s expertise in implementing large projects,” said Maria Kryazheva, Business Development Manager at Spectrum RS. “We chose Delta Electronics solutions, mainly due to the brand’s leading position in the market and the fact the company has already proven itself a reliable and responsible vendor”.

In addition to that, the project also implied provision of uninterruptible power supply to the travelators of the shopping center. For this purpose, the company installed six three-phase Ultron HPH series UPS with a capacity from 30 to 40 kVA. These double-conversion UPS have a low harmonic distortion factor and high efficiency, which reaches 96% in AC-AC conversion mode, and 99% in eco mode. The reliability of the system is increased due to N+X redundancy, whereas a wide input voltage range allows the UPS to operate in harsh electrical environments and extends battery life. After the installation of this system, the backup runtime of the travelators reached 20 minutes. This will allow MEGA’s customers to use the travelators even during breaks in power supply in the shopping centre.

The chain of MEGA shopping centers
MEGA shopping centers are a project of IKEA Centres Russia which is responsible for the development and management of IKEA real estate in the country. IKEA Centers Russia is part of the IKEA Group. At present moment there are 14 MEGA shopping centers in 14 largest Russian regions. All MEGA shopping centers have an IKEA store. MEGA shopping centers in Russia were attended by 265 million people in the 2016 financial year (September 1, 2015 to August 31, 2016).

News Source:Delta EMEA