SPS Parma 2024 - Delta EMEA
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SPS Parma 2024
28 - 30
May 2024

Parma, Italy
Hall 5
Booth A025
    What You Will Discover

    Connecting Devices,
    Shaping solutions

    Experience the most important topics and focal points around automation and digital transformation in the industrial environment.

    Our Solution

    Delta IIOT Solution

    Experience seamless connectivity through our DOP HMIs, eliminating the complexities of VPN routers. With DIAWeb Designer - a brand new Dashboard editor which allows you to take advantage of all the data harvested to the cloud and to show it in a convenient and efficient way so end-users can take proper decisions at the right moment.

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    Crane & Hoist Application Solution

    Experience Delta latest solution for Crane and Hoist operations. Designed for reliability, safety, and efficiency, it prevents load slipping, optimizes speed, and reduces vibration for smoother lifts. From construction sites to harbors, Delta elevates performance to new heights.

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    Product Highlights

    Articulated Robot

    In this age of smart production lines and factory automation, industrial robots can perform extremely dangerous tasks, improve flexible manufacturing, reduce manpower cost and save development time. Delta’s six-axis articulated robots include two model types to meet all kinds of application demands. Delta is your best partner for smart manufacturing.

    Advanced Automation Controller - AX5 Series

    The Delta AX-5 Series is the new generation of CODESYS-based motion controllers and slim-type remote I/O modules.

    TOF Camera

    As industrial automation grows, more manufacturers are turning to industrial robots for tasks like toxic glue dispensing. While robots excel in standardized processes, challenges remain for small-volume, diverse production. To tackle these issues, Delta offers the ToF 3D Vision Robotic Glue Dispensing Workstation —an integrated solution that saves space and simplifies adoption by eliminating control cabinets.

    Delta Collaborative Robot - D-Bot

    The D-Bot is a cutting-edge collaborative robot designed for safe and efficient industrial automation. With advanced safety features, intuitive programming, and flexible integration, it excels in tasks such as assembly and inspection. The D-Bot boosts productivity and seamlessly collaborates with human operators, enhancing overall workflow efficiency.
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    Warehouse Industrial Automation Solution

    Flexibly automate your warehouse with Delta’s high-quality products and management software, making it easier for your maintenance plan and energy efficiency optimization. Discover our complete solution now!

    Factory Industrial Automation Solution

    Leading automation for competitive markets. From raw materials to finished products, our tech ensures precision and efficiency. With intuitive software and powerful controllers, optimize maintenance and energy. Adapt to market demands seamlessly. Trust Delta for quality and innovation.

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