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Liangdu Grand Theater

With "Liangdu Culture" as their cultural brand slogan, the local authorities of Liupanshui City, Guizhou, have completed construction of a series of cultural and industrial parks as well as many incubation bases. Among these is the Liangdu Grand Theater, which is touted as a major engineering feat and a worthy model for urban construction. Since its inauguration, the Grand Theater is regarded as a model for successfully amalgamating various local cultural elements and replenishing the cultural vitality within the city.

The Grand Theater boasts a total construction area of 44,000 square meters. Categorized as a Grand Theater, it is well-appointed with a performing stage having a seating capacity for 1,212 persons, plus a music hall with 842 seats, and two multi-functional performance halls, each with 202 seats. The design of the Grand Theater is mainly based on satisfying the performance demands of large variety shows, musicals, as well as other performances, with special concerns for the choice of layouts and construction materials.

Compared with ordinary commercial buildings, a grand theater inherently contains a more complex structure and is more difficult to implement due to higher topological demands. Delta's Building Management and Control System (BMCS) provides versatile resources by combining our bus technology and IP network technology. Options are open to freely adopting a ring, bus and/or star topology to satisfy diverse control network's demands. Electrical equipment can occupy larger and more distributed space and require higher precision in its control. A high-efficiency and flexible building management and control system can seamlessly integrate various subsystems into a single IP management platform, which can then help meet requirements for remote control anytime, anywhere. This saves a great deal of energy and improves client satisfaction.

The Liangdu Grand Theater has adopted Delta's BMCS to effectively integrate the following subsystems for comprehensive monitoring and control:

● Chiller
● Central air conditioning (AHU, MAU)
● Ventilation & exhaust
● Public lighting
● Elevators & escalators
● Air-cooled heat pump
● Waste water drainage

Delta's BMCS features an automation server, which is a highly integrated and flexible automation platform that helps converge various data points of different technologies, each using its own communication protocol, such as: LonMark, BACnet, KNX, Modbus, M-Bus, EnOcean, and others. Our versatile automation servers do allow these different communication technologies to talk with each other. Tapping to its global IP connection, the automation server can also grab all distributed data points across different regions into a single management platform, saving considerable installation costs. With the IP-based management platform, real-time monitoring and control can be easily achieved, regardless of where any specific equipment is located. For example, the public lighting system is smart enough to turn on/off automatically according to real usage scenarios. Our intelligent control not only brings about desirable energy efficiency, but also relieves the staffing pressure that comes with a large and expanding institution such as a grand theater.