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Guangzhou Hospital of TCM Tongdewei Branch

The Guangzhou Hospital of TCM Tongdewei Branch is a landmark building complex that echoes traditional Chinese architectural elements. The medical building complex integrates polyclinics, a medical tech division and an in-patient admissions department. With a total built-up area of approximately 8,000 square meters and a total construction area of around 30,000 square meters, the hospital has the capacity for 200 beds, while providing operating rooms and other facilities. To fulfill its function, each department relies on its own equipment and systems, such as air-conditioning system and lighting system, to control the ambient environment.

In addition, medical equipment is utilized for patient treatment and the heating system provides hot water and steam disinfection, together with numerous subsystems such as those that power the elevators and escalators, office works, living environment, fire safety, and others. Bear in mind there is one prime concern that can never be overemphasized when devising an energy-saving design: the hospital must first satisfy complex medical requirements with clearly distinct sterile and non-sterile areas.

Taking these concerns into careful consideration, Delta implemented its Building Management and Control System (BMCS) with six major subsystems for comprehensive monitoring and control, including a chiller room, central air-conditioning system (AHU/MAU), ventilation & exhaust, public lighting, elevators & escalators, air-cooled heat pump subsystems.

In Delta's overall design, all the cooling and heating equipment were placed under monitoring and control. Specifically, cooling towers can now be operated through remote control for optimized operation and management, which lowers energy consumption and maintenance work loads. For water pumps with higher energy consumption, further optimization includes adopting a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) as well as a central air-conditioning system, which can regulate its workload, in real-time fashion, according to outdoor climate and actual demand. This not only keeps the indoor temperature and humidity within a preset range, but also confers ambient comfort to all medical staff and patients. With improved automated control the equipment's service life can be greatly extended. Most important is that it does prove a much better energy-saving result and can attain an optimized state for every equipment operation, for better monetary benefits. To further improve the hospital's lighting system, Delta has implemented a public lighting monitoring and control system, which achieves an impressive 20% cut in energy.

For the success of the Guangzhou Hospital of TCM, Delta BMCS provides a high degree of integration for a diversity of applications for an intelligent hospital solution that features the following characteristics:

1. Management platform: The L-WEB integrated building management software accommodates multiple systems such as: (1) a monitoring and control system for construction equipment; (2) an intelligent lighting system; (3) a management system for in-patient wards, office rooms and nurse stations; (4) a statistical system for energy consumption; and, (5) BACnet and LonMark routing and switching devices. Our primary controllers, the L-INX Automation Servers, can well support BACnet/IP, BACnet MSTP, Lon/IP, Lon FT-10, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU protocols, as well as BACnet DALI, LonMark, DALI, KNX, M- bus, OPC, Wi-Fi, EnOcean and diverse network protocols such as SNMP, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, Telnet, VNC, and more.

2. Low cost: Easy management with low maintenance needs and operation costs
● Auto-diagnostics: Supports DDC controller hardware troubleshooting, DDC embedded software fault diagnosis, link failure troubleshooting.
● Control & display: Integrated with five-fold screens for a unified control and display interface experience: mobile phone, iPad, local controllers, desktop computers, large display and browser.
● Transmission: Supports Wi-Fi, EnOcean sensors and various types of wireless access, as well as mobile phones and other wireless access management.
● Control modes: Control is with either the local controller (local control) or by remote control.

3. High adaptability: Highly adaptable to fit in with various scenarios in multiple buildings and architectural spaces.
● Supports unified management of multiple buildings by cross-building and cross-regional operation.
● Supports any free topology with its all-versatile interfacing technology to accommodate ring, star, bus types of network at the same time.
● Supports simultaneous connections via both twisted-pair cable and other network cables.

Delta's intelligent BMCS provides stability in every aspect of its performance. It has proven success at the Guangzhou Hospital of TCM (Tong De Wei Branch) and has continued to guarantee that hospital equipment is running at its best to maximize system operation efficiency. It has received the approval of both the hospital staff as well as patients. Advancing from a solid base of facilitating an effective medicare function, Delta's BMCS further creates a comfortable and effective work space, where medical resources, space, and equipment can be utilized to its best and fullest to achieve maximum energy savings.