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China Mobile Data Center, Henan

The China Mobile Data Center in the Zhengzhou Experimental Comprehensive Zone is China Mobile's largest communications production and information service base in the central plain region. It has over 207,000 square meters of space, with 6 server room buildings, 3 power centers, 2 support and maintenance centers, and 2 IoT centers. For computing capacity, it has 16,900 server racks with 150,000 servers to meet the information needs of Henan Province well into the year 2030.

In addition to cloud computing services, the data center has explored a variety of green technologies for environment protection. LOYTEC's BMS provides an array of open interfaces to connect and monitor diverse devices in real time for greater energy-savings.

Applications include:

China Mobile (Henan) Data Center has adopted the following chiller room group control solutions to achieve energy management and savings by more than 22.5%:

• Based on actual demand, chiller unit operation can be automatically adjusted: The LOYTEC BMS automatically calculates cooling load required for intra-building air-conditioning, and adjusts optimal number of operating chiller units and active cooling towers to meet specific energy-saving goals.

• Intelligent device coordination for equipment protection: The LOYTEC BMS can operate multiple chiller units based on designated start/stop sequences, eliminating failure due to wrong sequences. If a pump fails, a standby pump automatically runs, keeping vital operations uninterrupted.

• Real-time alarm notification for intelligent maintenance and operation: The LOYTEC BMS monitors various temperature and pressure parameters. Once a fault is detected, an alarm is issued for timely response and troubleshooting.