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ParkLake Shopping Center

Sonae Sierra opened the doors of a new shopping center Parklake in Bucharest, Romania, allowing visitors "a new shopping experience in a space that combines an environmentally friendly design with a distinctive offers of leisure and sport."

The Parklake represents an investment of € 180 million for 70,000 m² of GLA with over 200 shops and 2,600 covered parking spaces. The commercial complex will feature 23 restaurants and 14 movie theaters, coupled with the unique and sustainable design of the building, as well a a distinctive range of shops, leisure, entertainment and outdoor activities through seamless integration with the park and lake Titan.

The architectural theme of Parklake is based on the concept "Park - Nature - Family, which "combines the requirements of current consumers such as a sophisticated and inviting atmosphere, high standards of service, ease of parking, different types of rest areas, good lighting,acoustic comfort, public art, social and leisure areas and an atmosphere friendly environment."

The strict management system and monitoring will define a set of measures aimed to reduce the environmental impact of the Centre, as well as ensuring the safety and health of employees, tenants and visitors.

Sistavac installed in the shopping center a solution for the control and monitoring using Loytec components. Allowing higher energy efficiency and better management of the technical facilities of the center.

The integral solution includes the following features:

• Control of the smoke extraction system
• Integration of fire dampers and smoke extraction controlled fire detection system (via Modbus)
• Centers production and distribution of hot and cold water
• Climate control system integration via ModBus
• Control and monitoring of the air conditioning system (AHUs).
• Control of the ventilation system
• Thermal and electric power measurement
• Cooling System Control
• Control of the Lighting (ON/OFF and DALI)
• Metering and reports consumption electricity, heat and water
• Functional submetering with over than 300 counters leading to a building efficiency benchmarking
• Mechanical transport monitoring (elevators, mechanical stairs and automatic doors)
• Monitoring of pumping water systems (Sprinklers, hydrants, drinking water and sewage)
• Monitoring of power distribution blocks and generator groups.