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Telecom Italia

Delta's Building management and Control System, provided to Telecom Italia's office building, enables pre-determined energy-efficient modes of operation in the facility's HVAC infrastructure such as optimized start/stop programs, night cooling, load adjustment and deadband to realize estimated annual HVAC-related electricity savings of more than 12% and an equivalent estimated annual reduction of carbon emissions by up to 573 tons.

It integrates the Building Management System LWEB-900, developed by LOYTEC electronics GmbH, a Delta Group company, to collect and analyze data of the centralized HVAC system as well as variations in parameter values such as environmental temperature, humidity, enthalpy, occupancy, for further automated and remote control of the air handling units (AHU), fan coils, chillers and heating generators to enable significant energy savings.

The LWEB-900 platform also offers functions for user and alarm management, scheduling and trending, energy reporting, and remote monitoring to achieve predictive maintenance of the building.

The system integrates powerful L-INX Automation Servers with web servers, high-resolution glass front L-VIS Touch Panels and flexible L-IOB I/O extension modules and gateways featuring superior compatibility with all open building communication protocols in the market: BACnet, LON, DALI, Modbus, M-bus, KNX, EnOcean, SMI and OPC to provide a truly integrated, modular, flexible, cost-effective IP-based solution to buildings.

Per the signals transmitted from the temperature/humidity sensors, L-INX Automation Servers can monitor the system status and energy consumption as well as control the coolers on or off. L-VIS touch panel, for visualization and operation of various applications in building automation, is not only suitable for local operation, but also integrates perfectly into the L-WEB system.

Delta BMCS enables real-time automated and remote supervision and eco-friendly control of the building's heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system to help Telecom Italia to attain estimated annual HVAC-related electricity savings of more than 12% and an expected payback period lower than 2 years.