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Yangzhou Grand Canal Theater

Yangzhou Grand Canal Theater The Canal Grand Theater is a new landmark building in Yangzhou, China. It is a national-level theater, which includes four theaters with different functions, as well as shopping centers, bookstores and other surrounding facilities. A comprehensive building control system is required to ensure the stable operation of large-scale electromechanical equipment without any interruptions due to a sudden system failure.

In response to the theater's high requirements of stability, performance, and emergency response for epidemic prevention, Delta adopted an all-IP network with redundancy design of cooling and heating source systems, intelligent epidemic prevention control, and wireless sensing to integrate building solutions into the overall design concept of the theater. It assists the theater in building a first-class performance and art center by ensuring the healthy and safe operation of the system.

The Grand Canal Theater cultural complex uses LOYTEC's IP-based controller LIOB-589 to realize independent control of each air conditioner/fresh air unit, ensuring that the control logic and points of the controlled equipment can be independent of each other. The controller is equipped with dual Ethernet ports and a network switch, and can achieve a ring network through the RSTP protocol, which avoids system downtime due to single point's failure and network interruption, and ensures the stable operation of the overall system.

The LOYTEC building control system adopts the L-INX Automation Server combined with the LIOB-589 Controller to achieve the redundant design of cooling and heating source group control, with a two-layer control architecture to protect the safe operation of the equipment. The upper-level Automation Server is responsible for equipment linkage. Once the main L-INX Automation Server fails, the backup L-INX immediately takes over control. The lower-level controller implements the local control logic. When the upper-level main and standby Automation Servers are down at the same time, the lower-level field controller can still maintain local control. Through multiple-level protection, the system is more stable and reliable.

In addition, as a large-scale public building with a relatively dense people flow, and in response to the needs of sudden epidemics, Delta's newly designed intelligent epidemic prevention mode for theaters strictly controls the source of indoor air and ensures that no return air enters the room, making the indoor environment healthier and avoiding secondary infection. In the theater, the air supply is side-inlet and outlet under the seats, forming a significant temperature gradient, automatically forming indoor airflow, and avoiding the spread of viruses in the room. The air-conditioning unit comes with a nano-photon air purification device, which can effectively eliminate viruses in the air. At the same time, the system adopts a one-touch switch to "epidemic prevention mode", and intelligently controls multiple dampers and sterilization devices on the dual-fan energy recovery air-conditioning equipment in the theater, making epidemic prevention management more convenient.

To ensure the integrity of the interior decoration of the theater, Delta's building control solution with Lora wireless sensors can connect indoor environmental data such as temperature and humidity to the control system, reducing wiring installations inside the theater. Users can access a mobile phone APP to check the theater's environmental information anytime and anywhere, and perform fine-tuning and control.

The Grand Canal Theater Cultural Complex has a construction area of 140,000 square meters. The west side (Area A) has four theater function areas, including 1,600 comprehensive theaters, 800 opera houses, 500 folk art theaters, and 300 multi-function theaters. The east side (Zone B) is a support area, including a comprehensive shopping center, bookstore, cinema, commercial dining area, art training center, entertainment facilities, and others. Delta has successfully ensured the healthy and safe operation of the Yangzhou Grand Canal Theater by utilizing the advanced technology of the LOYTEC building control solution with a full IP-based network architecture.