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City of Rockingham

The City of Rockingham is a local city council in the vicinity of the Perth Metropolitan region.

The city of Rockingham is located on the coast of Western Australia and has excellent locations for typical Australian coastal lifestyle. This includes sport and recreational activities such as fishing, diving, boating, and clean white beaches. As well as being home for HMAS Sterling as the Royal Australian Navy's primary base on the west coast (Fleet Base West, located on Garden Island outside Rockingham).

BCS was engaged to modernize the existing BMS for a reliable and accurate operation. BCS chose to deploy the LOYTEC system because of its flexibility for integration and providing the best fit.

The administration buildings utilize VAV control and also an air cooled chilled water (CHW) system for delivering the cooling capability. Due to the coastal location there is no heating capability in the HVAC plant, except for trim heating on the VAV boxes.

Two adjacent buildings are also monitored and controlled by the LOYTEC building management system.

Equipment that is controlled includes:

• Air cooled chillers
• Chilled water pumps
• Air handling units
• Ventilation systems
• VAV Boxes
• DX Split A/C's
• Precision air conditioning (PAC) units
• Energy meters

The LOYTEC system monitors and controls the equipment using the features from the LOYTEC function block library. Graphics have been designed using the LOYTEC Graphics Library.

The customer feedback has been excellent and also the building operator is pleased with his decision to choose LOYTEC solutions. With the LOYTEC Building Management System, the facility manager now has a much higher level of controllability over plant and equipment than with the previous BMS.