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Xiangyang East Railway Station

The largest train station in China's prefecture-level cities, Xiangyang East Railway Station, has officially opened in Nov. 2019. It uses Delta LOYTEC's BAS, an energy consumption based system built on an open framework, to link up cooling and heating systems, a fresh air system, a smart lighting system, an arrival and departure information system, elevator systems, and others, through communication interfaces. It enables centralized management and linkage of different sub-systems, attaining an optimal balance between energy efficiency and comfort of the entire station through smart computing and smart control. It fulfills the requirements of smart and high efficiency, comfort and energy efficiency, and safety and convenience of a “smart high-speed rail station”.

Based on the requirements for a smart high-speed rail station, the BAS system must comprehensively monitor the operations of all equipment, and precisely control temperature, humidity, air quality, and illumination of the high-speed rail station. To efficiently reduce the buildings' energy consumption, it adopts various energy-saving measures, which include:

Smart lighting system
Delta's modular smart lighting system uses linkage control to automatically integrate an outdoor light source and self-adjust to the most comfortable light threshold. The illumination of the area will not change due to changes in external sunlight, maintaining about the same default illumination value throughout. The system also integrates the illumination information of the entire high-speed rail station with real-time monitoring and resource management to facilitate administrators in establishing energy efficiency strategies.

Smart control system for rail station equipment
Delta LOYTEC's smart building management system provides 7x24 uninterrupted management of the equipment monitoring system. When an error or hidden risk is detected, the system immediately sends alert information to relevant personnel who can take prompt measures to ensure users' safety.

Energy consumption management system
Delta LOYTEC's smart building management system incorporates an energy consumption management module to integrate energy consumption management and control of the equipment. It uses more than 400 smart meters to record the energy consumption of various systems, displaying the proportion of energy consumption by categories, providing reports for analysis, and carrying out energy efficiency optimization.