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Ningbo Archives

The Ningbo Archives, completed in 2020, is the first prefabricated public green building with a high-rise frame structure in Ningbo, and is a pioneer in adopting Building Information Modeling (BIM). The entire building uses the ORCA building automation system of Delta Controls, a subsidiary of Delta. In the BIM simulation operation and maintenance test, it met the control requirements of large-scale electromechanical equipment, such as air conditioners, air cooling and heating pumps, ventilation, and elevators, for achieving smart buildings.

This was the relocation project of the Ningbo Archives. The new building is located in the east of Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, with an area of 23,688 square meters. The building has a reception counter, archive reading rooms, an exhibition hall, an academic lecture hall, and more, with multiple functions to support management, personnel training, and organization visits.

In view of the requirements for the functional characteristics of each system in the building and the capabilities of the building control solution provider, Delta Controls starts with preliminary project planning and suggestions, and offers excellent pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services, and provides professional design and technical capabilities to assist in mastering key technologies and optimizing configuration schemes.

As there are many functional areas in the building and the distribution of electrical and mechanical equipment is relatively scattered, the design concept of "centralized management and decentralized control" is used to enhance the intelligent energy-saving control of the building. The ORCA system adopts the BACnet open network communication protocol, which is compatible with various subsystems. Facility management personnel can monitor the building's mechanical and electrical equipment on the same operating platform in the central control room to achieve centralized management and energy-saving control.

In addition, to completely reduce risk, each DDC box is equipped with at least one controller to achieve decentralized control of electromechanical equipment. The main electromechanical equipment and systems include combined air conditioners, energy recovery fresh air fans, ceiling fresh air fans, exhaust fans, air cooling and heating pumps, fan coils, water supply and drainage system and environmental monitoring, and the integration of an elevator system interface. The ORCA system gives full play to its strong decentralization characteristics, and its diversified controller types are suitable for the different point requirements of the controlled equipment, so that the system configuration can be optimized.

Health and comfort are another distinguishing features of green buildings. Monitoring the air quality of the garage at any time is one of the keys to ensuring the health of the building's indoor environment. The Delta Controls ORCA system can monitor the CO concentration and control the activation of related electromechanical equipment operation. When the CO concentration value exceeds the preset value, it can automatically send out alarms and activate the ventilation system. The intelligent monitoring reduces daily inspection work and saves costs.