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Kunshan Huaqiao Kingboard Plaza

Kingboard Plaza is a landmark architecture complex that is constructed in a sprawling area near a lakeside in the Huaqiao village, Kunshan City. For commuting facilities it is close to the Shanghai Light Rail. With an integral design featuring the perfect fusion of nature and modernity, the Kingboard Plaza is a truly grandiose architectural complex that dominates the Huaqiao landscape with its 4 high-rise buildings. These four giants host a shopping mall, a 5-star hotel and myriad of SOHO and enterprise offices, which total an area of more than 438,000 square meters. The tallest building among the four rises over 260 meters, stacking 63 stories to pride itself as the tallest man-made landmark in Kunshan City.

In the past, this Plaza was in desperate need for an integrated, cross-building, real-time management and control platform to leverage an effective Building Automation Solution and bring down management and staffing costs. Only later with the adoption of Delta's solution did everything good come true.

Specifically, this project requires the connection of over 1,400 physical I/O points as well as approximately 2,500 data points, with the following subsystems for integration into comprehensive monitoring and control for central air-conditioning, ventilation & exhaust, water supply and drainage, public lighting, elevators and escalators, chillers, boilers, diesel generators, swimming pools, and more.

The Delta Building Management and Control System is a ready solution to integrate all existing communication protocols as diverse as: BACnet/IP, BACnet MS/TP, LonMark/IP, LonMark TP/FT-10, ModbusTCP, ModbusRTU, OPC XML-DA, MBus, KNX, EnOcean and others, with simultaneous support for their data exchange. This provides a vital key to the successful rapid integration of a broad range of equipment using many communication technologies, such as: chillers, elevators & escalators, swimming pool filtration, pumps, and others. Now all can communicate seamlessly on a single integrated management and control platform, while at the same time satisfying needs for device control across all buildings and lowering overall costs with significant energy conservation.

Building managers, operators and maintenance personnel, each with authorization, can now securely acquire and analyze real-time data on device status and operation, manage every alarm with due response, and enjoy stability in building operation. Everything can simply be done by accessing either the display panel or jog dial on their controllers, smart phones, tablets in browser mode, or PCs, as our unified management and control interface makes building managers and operators lives easier.

Regarding the physical installation of our solution, the programmable L-INX Automation Servers are utilized to serve as core devices for data communication and exchange among different communication technologies. The automation server features alarm, scheduling and other functions, and can be expanded with L-IOB I/O modules to augment its physical inputs and outputs. It also supports plug-and-play with hot-swapping, auto-backup and restore, with no need to install additional software. It also provides real-time monitoring and control for all devices in the building. The promise of our solution is that it greatly reduces management troubles and maintenance costs.

Delta scored an impressive success with the proven stability of the Delta Building Management and Control System to consolidate benefits and satisfy the management and control demands of their clients, the Kingboard Plaza.