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Guangzhou Sunac Land

Guangzhou Sunac Land covers an area of about 2.2 million square meters, and consists of eight operations: Snow World (indoor ski field), Water World (indoor water park), Sports World (similar to Kids World), Sunac Park (Theme Park), Sunac Mall (large-scale shopping mall), Lakeside Bar Street, Holiday Hotels and Grand Theatre.

The project adopts Delta Controls ORCA control system, and is integrated with the owner's Intelligent Building Management System (IBMS)—Huiyun System. With over 10,000 integrated I/O points, the control of the mechanical and electrical equipment in the building is achieved using the Building Automation System (BAS) to solve complex operation and maintenance problems, reduce management costs, and meet energy saving and consumption reduction goals.

Guangzhou Sunac Land is equipped with a number of PC workstations, which are located in the commercial Huiyun computer room, park monitoring room, refrigerator duty room, and studio city duty room. Its requirements are to monitor the mechanical and electrical equipment in the building, such as the central cold source system, heat source system, air conditioning and ventilating system, water supply and drainage system. In addition, the requirements for openness and integration of the BAS system are very high for connecting the BAS monitoring points of the huge project to the Huiyun system due to the large number of business operations and controlled equipment and the large building area involved.

Delta Controls' ORCA building control system uses OPC for system integration, which fully displays the flexibility and openness of monitoring ultra-large building groups. It works seamlessly with the Huiyun system to meet the requirements of centralized management with decentralized control and to solve the Huiyun system inability to set the control logic. In this way the owner can monitor various systems in one or more buildings from a single operation station or from any place, achieving management from “small to large”.

For example, electromechanical equipment needs DDC to set multiple algorithms to ensure normal operations. Using parameter setting values such as the ORCAView system's open air supply temperature setting, return air temperature setting, and CO2 concentration setting, the Huiyun system needs only to adjust the target parameter values. The electromechanical equipment can further achieve energy savings through the default logic operation.

When the general building control system sets the DDC control mode, the conflict between the two systems may result in the failure of the upper Huiyun system. Therefore, Delta Controls' ORCA system adds settings of “BA mode/Schedule/Huiyun mode” for the logic of each DDC module. Under the system setting of “BA mode”, the equipment is controlled by the BAS system. The Huiyun system only monitors the running state of the equipment at this time and does not control the equipment remotely. When the mode is switched to “Schedule" mode each device is controlled at a fixed time per individually set schedule. The Huiyun system only monitors the running state of the equipment at this time. When the mode is switched to “Huiyun Mode”, the equipment is controlled by the Huiyun system, while the BAS operating system only monitors the equipment.

To satisfy comfort requirements, the building control system of Delta Controls uses logic to adjust the operation of the equipment so as to reduce the operating cost of the building. In addition, the building control system of Delta Controls uses a computer control program to monitor and control the equipment of the whole building. It uniformly allocates all of the equipment's electricity consumption to optimize the control of the electricity load, effectively saving electricity and reducing unnecessary waste.

With the present cooperation of Guangzhou Sunac Land and Delta Controls, the ORCA control system is seamlessly integrated into the Huiyun system to meet its large and complex project requirements, and finally achieve monitoring and control of the equipment by the Huiyun system. The previous issue of only being able to monitor but not control is solved, and the electromechanical equipment is effectively guaranteed to operate in good condition, providing another outstanding example of Delta Controls technical expertise.