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Today's building automation demands not only a good use of products, but also more attention to whether products and systems can meet the actual building management needs of owners, managers and users. At the Yili Group Food Research and Development Center project in Inner Mongolia, Delta applied the open architecture LOYTEC's IoT building management platform to integrate cross-building and cross-system centralized management, and decentralized control of various electromechanical devices. In addition to supporting multiple communication protocols and IP networking technologies, Delta helped Yili save 20% on construction costs, built an infrastructure that is easy to interface with Yili's conventional property management system, strengthened the system's scalability, and reduced the owner's system integration and construction costs. During the entire case, Delta succeeded in full communication and close cooperation with the owner.

Joining with a leading system integrator to create a smart HVAC control platform

As the leading brand in Asia's dairy industry and one of the world's top eight dairy enterprises, the Yili Group adopted high standards for the building solutions used for its research center and required just-in-time response from solution providers. After a long search, the Yili Group chose to partner with Delta to build its smart HVAC control platform.

The Yili Food Research and Development Center is located in the Yili Rudu Science and Technology Demonstration Park of the Jinshan Development Zone of Tumut Zuoqi, Hohhot City. The scope of the project includes four areas: a comprehensive management area, archive information center, restaurant building, and the Yili Financial Sharing Center, with a total construction area of 36,060 square meters. How to efficiently integrate different buildings and complex building subsystems in the park was the first and greatest challenge for the project.

Open architecture, cross-building, cross-system achieves a single platform with multi-integration

"Our vision is to integrate conventional property management functions to achieve platform-based, centralized management and decentralized control of mechanical and electrical equipment," said Mr. Sun Zhipeng, an automatic control engineer of the Yili Group. In response to customer demand for an efficient integration platform, Delta offers the IoT Building Management Platform of LOYTEC Building Automation Solutions. With an open and all IP network controlled architecture, it not only supports multiple international standard communication protocols, but also possesses RS-485 (Modbus RTU/BACnet MS/TP), and can integrate with BACnet IP/Modbus TCP to quickly perform cross-system integration control. Through multiplexed integration and visualization of a single platform, Delta achieved cross-building, cross-system cooling and heat source system equipment supervision, and also optimized system operation.

Meeting multiple I/O point connection requirements without adding additional conversion equipment, saving at least 20% on cost

Zhao Guochao, product director of the Delta Greentech China Building Automation BU, pointed out: "In the initial stage of communication, we understand that customers have multipoint application requirements across buildings and systems, but we also hope to minimize the cost of building integration." Under such considerations, Delta uses the new LOYTEC LIOB-589 controller as the main core system product. Each controller is equipped with 26 I/O points to fully support multipoint applications. At the same time, it comes with a Modbus RTU communication interface, so there is no need to convert additional equipment. With careful calculation, it can save more than 20% on construction cost for the customer.

Such advantages not only greatly reduce repetitive procurement, but also decrease system integration time, network installation cost, and thus minimize costs. The concise structure facilitates the subsequent maintenance management operation of the administrator. IP networking also makes the system transmission faster and improves the response and connection speed of the system.

LOYTEC LIOB-589 I/O Controller supports multipoint applications with a Modbus RTU communication interface, so there is no need to convert additional equipment.

Precise HVAC control technology creates a comfortable and pleasant working environment

The Delta team observed that Hohhot City has a continental plateau climate, with obvious seasonal changes with large temperature differences. They made good use of the climate's cold, fresh air to maintain the indoor air quality, temperature, and humidity at a certain standard. In addition, they provided special anti-freeze protection to prevent HVAC system's water pipes from rupturing and to minimize risks to system operation. Visual thermal comfort indicators are also available indoors to ensure a comfortable and pleasant working environment.

LOYTEC smart HVAC control technology helps to improve the air conditioning unit control system, VRV multi-line group control system, heat exchanger unit control system, power distribution system, air supply and exhaust system, and others. The system can optimize the energy consumption of the central air conditioning system according to external climate changes. It automatically and immediately adjusts the load and uses the far-near field control method to extend the service life of the equipment and ensure the high performance equipment's operation. It also achieves good energy-saving results with integrated metering that meets the requirements of the enterprise's energy management and energy reporting.

Earning the customer's trust, Delta continues to assist the Yili Group in building cutting-edge smart buildings

The implementation of this project has successfully won the Yili Group's trust in Delta, which has since handed over other building projects to Delta Group for implementation and planning. Looking to the future, the Delta team will continue to understand the real needs of customers, as it assists Yili Group in building cutting-edge smart buildings with rapid yet careful service and professional technology, improving customer satisfaction, and maximizing the operation efficiency of system equipment. Delta strives to create the most energy-saving and comfortable working environments, while providing the blueprints for our customers' smart buildings.

Delta assists Yili Group to build an open building management platform and saves 20% on construction costs.