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Delta Ako Energy Park

Delta Building Automation Solutions has created a human-centric multifunction green building in Delta Ako Energy Park, Japan. Using the IoT building control and management platform provided by Delta's subsidiary LOYTEC, it not only offers people a comfortable and safe working environment, but also improves building operation efficiency. The building also achieves average energy savings of up to 33.8%, having received LEED CI Gold Certification with full marks on energy items. The new green building fully demonstrates the capabilities of Delta's smart building solutions.

Delta Ako Energy Park is the first large-scale solar power plant operated by Delta. With an installed capacity of 4.6MW and annual power generation of 5.5 million kWh, the park's multi-function building is Delta's first LEED certified green building in Japan. The entire building's ecosystem has hundreds of factors that affect employees' health, such as ambient temperature, humidity, lighting, and safety. A working environment that fulfills energy conservation trends and enhances employees' working efficiency with humanized design achieves Delta's vision for “human-centric” smart buildings.

The park's multi-function building is Delta's first LEED certified green building in Japan.

To meet the building's requirement for an energy saving and humanized design, it adopts the LOYTEC IP-based platform, which supports a variety of communication protocols and integrates multiple subsystems, including a building management and control system, LED smart lighting, electric vehicle charging, indoor air quality solutions, smart meters, energy storage systems, and solar power systems. The systems connect to each other on this single management platform and operate per actual needs to achieve benefits such as reducing energy use and operation costs, improving energy management and monitoring efficiency, and reducing environmental impact.

The LOYTEC Automation Server and Lighting Control can automatically control the lighting and blind system according to occupant comfort requirements due to weather changes, application scenarios, people detection, and others. The LOYTEC LINX-153 Automation Server, with multiple open protocol compatibility, can integrate with real-time Internet weather information through JavaScript without the need for additional applications or drivers. Using scheduling and preset lux and wind speed, the LINX Automation Server can connect to the DALI lighting system for blind control. The DALI lighting control system, combining constant lighting control, blind control and gateway functions, can be programmable for scenario settings and lux adjustments through a visualized interface.

EnOcean wireless control operation can reduce lighting system wiring costs. The lighting system offers intelligent control by working with sensors installed in the office environment. Users can also turn off the mobile EnOcean wireless functions to manually control the lighting.

Besides comfortable lighting, air conditioning is also a key to enhancing user comfort. Delta's UNO Indoor Environment Quality Service Solution integrates IoT and cloud technologies with sensors and modulating air conditioning equipment. Through the LOYTEC Automation Server, the real-time temperature, humidity, PM2.5, CO2, LUX, TVOC and other indoor environment data collected by UNO sense can be display on the L-VIS Touch Panel. Based on the dynamic indoor and outdoor environment and people's behavior, an optimal balance control strategy for indoor environmental quality/comfort/energy savings can be achieved.

Delta Building Automation Solutions has created a human-centric multifunction green building.

The safety of working and living spaces is also a requirement for a human-centric environment. LOYTEC's building control system integrates with a surveillance system using IP cameras and IR sensors installed on the front and back of the building. When the sensors detect abnormal conditions, the IP camera turns toward the area of suspicious activity and sends captured images to the LOYTEC L-WEB Integrated Building Management interface and L-VIS Touch Panel, while notifying facility managers for immediate action. If the abnormal situation is not resolved within a certain time, the alarm is sent to the next designated manager to ensure the issue is handled immediately.

If onsite sensors detect someone entering after hours, when the office is empty, the LOYTEC building control system sends a command to automatically turn on the lighting for a deterrent effect, and an alarm notification is sent to managers at the same time. After a manager is aware of the abnormal situation, they can fix it immediately through remote management.

The benefits brought by smart buildings not only improve occupants' working and living space experience, but also reduce operation costs and enhance system reliability. The LOYTEC building management and control system provides a remote web-based monitoring interface. When the building equipment fails, the system sends an alert to administrators to decrease the shut-down time and maintain optimal performance.

Delta Building Automation Solutions fulfills the requirements for a human-oriented environmental space by integrating IoT equipment, while achieving energy savings, high efficiency, and flexibility according to the environment and an occupants' feedback.