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Oriental Petrochemical

Delta has recently retrofitted the administration building of the Oriental Petrochemical (Taiwan) Co., which has four floors above ground and one floor under ground, with a total floor area of 9,264 sq. m2. To achieve the retrofit goals of manpower savings and energy savings, Delta provided Oriental Petrochemical with a whole new building automation system that creates a humanized, high management efficiency, and energy-saving office space.

A central monitoring system monitors, records and sends notifications to all equipment and subsystems to reduce operation management cost by saving labor cost and energy use.

To meet the needs of smart buildings with a “single management platform for cross-system integration and intelligent monitoring”, Delta Building Automation solutions adopts Delta Controls' web-based building control software enteliWEB as its central monitoring platform, which visualizes the equipment and energy use status, delivers alert notifications and provides remote monitoring by the administrator through its web-based interface.

At the same time, the solution incorporates the LOYTEC building management and control system that supports a variety of open communication protocols such as BACnet and Modbus, to integrate the management of all building subsystems such as air conditioning, fire system, elevators, access control, lighting, people detection in restrooms, electromechanical and water supply monitoring, and environmental monitoring system. The applications include:

Air conditioning system: With BACnet support, LOYTEC L-INX Automation Servers integrate the VRV air conditioning system with the central monitoring system, which automatically turns the air conditioning system on or off and adjusts the wind speed and temperature according to the actual environment and scheduling. The system also sends abnormal notifications by monitoring equipment status in real-time. Building intelligence is enhanced by means of linking the central monitoring system and air conditioning or other systems.

Energy monitoring system: Delta Energy Online provides a flexible energy monitoring tool to customize suitable energy use analysis reports to help managers understand energy consumption.

• Monitors building energy use in real-time

• Analyzes and manages the main circuit and floor-based power consumption.

• Delivers instant alarms for significant abnormal values and records the event information in the system to improve the response lead time and enhance the safety of overall power usage.

• Stores all energy consumption history in the SQL database for easy access to various queries and analyses, or integration with 3rd-party systems.

• Converts all energy usage data into various charts through the energy management system's analysis tool. Allows multiple users to log in the web-based user interface and enhances management efficiency.

In addition, the open protocol Modbus supported by L-INX enables integration with lighting control, fire system, elevator regeneration, solar photovoltaic, indoor air quality, and more, which can be monitored by the central monitoring system.

To meet different space requirements in the administration building, such as halls, conference rooms, personal offices, public office spaces and restrooms, Delta designed corresponding area-specific applications through the active sensing of environmental information and an intelligent monitoring system.

For example, the access control system is installed at the entrance of the control area of the lobby for checking personnel entering and exiting. The VIVOTEK people counting camera calculates and provides dynamic statistics of people in the building, smoothly counting the actual number of people present, which improves employees' and visitors' safety.

For the supervisor's personal office, it integrates with lighting and air conditioning control, as well as senses environmental values such as temperature and CO2. When the sensor detects supervisors entering the office, it turns on the lighting and air conditioning. The air conditioning equipment adjusts automatically per the actual environmental conditions and creates a comfortable and energy-saving office environment. The public office area also operates automatically according to schedule to avoid energy waste.

The people counting camera, installed at the entrance of the restroom, features a U-turn path identification function, which accurately counts the number of people entering and exiting the restroom and prevents the miscounting of people walking in all directions. If the people counting camera finds there are still people in the restroom during off-hours, an alarm is sent automatically to the central monitoring system to remind the facility managers to check the safety of personnel and property in the building.

In corridors there are motion sensors linking lighting systems. When sensors detect people, the system automatically turns on the lights and adjusts the illumination per the actual natural light.

Delta Energy Online generates advanced energy use analysis and reports which help managers find potential energy savings through energy use data collected from electricity and water meters.

The Delta Building Automation solutions transform the administration office building into a smart building with benefits that include:

• Reducing operation costs by cutting unnecessary use.
Remote monitoring improves management convenience and efficiency. People detection or scheduling control linked to equipment operation helps eliminate equipment malfunctions caused by personnel negligence to lower energy waste.

• Increasing facility utilization and asset values.
Providing real-time equipment usage status enhances asset values, and operating equipment according to demand avoids idle time.

• Creating a safe and comfortable working environment.
Through environmental monitoring, users can understand air quality and ensure personnel safety. Abnormal situations are resolved when detected. A safe, comfortable and healthy working environment improves working efficiency.