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Customer Experience Center

Experience the ultimate power testing


A live power test facility where you can engage with real, functioning state-of-the-art power solutions.


Centrally Positioned For Convenience

Soest, Germany - Positioned in the heart of Europe, ensuring easy access and logistical convenience for all your training and testing endeavors

Tailored Solutions for Every Business

Small Businesses

Witness the scalability of our solutions and visualize your business's growth.


Experience power solutions built to match the scale of your ambitions.

Data Center Colocation Providers

Experience power solutions built to match the scale of your ambitions.


Welcome to Delta's Experience Center!

Get your hands on our most advanced power solutions, right in the heart of Europe.

Discover our state-of-the-art facility, designed to offer hands-on experiences for data center solutions. From modular to containerized, we showcase a diverse range of products tailor-made to empower and enrich your operations. Spanning an impressive 500m², every inch of our center meets top international standards. It's not just an exhibition; it's a powerhouse of learning and discovery. We've created a space where technology meets reality, helping you and your team to make informed decisions with clarity and confidence. And with our wide portfolio of products, from powerful AC UPSs to cutting-edge IT racks, lithium-ion batteries and Busway systems, you will get to test it all. So, step into the future with Delta.


Discover Delta

With More Than 50 Years of Innovation in Power Solutions
Outstanding Facility:

Boasting 500m² of space dedicated to demonstrations, testing, and storage - all aligned with the highest international standards. Presenting a wide range of product including AC UPS, batteries, Busway, as well as Rack-Level Data Center and Delta's POD solution.

Unmatched testing capability:

Our facility offers a staggering 3.6 MW of e-load, complemented by 2.4 MW Li-ion battery banks and a 1 MW VRLA battery bank. Whether it’s an enterprise data center or a mega-watt colocation data center, we’ve got your testing requirements covered.

The Delta One-Stop Experience:

Engage with our state-of-the-art equipment and technology firsthand. Understand, explore, and visualize our solutions to aid your decision-making process.

“Our team is excited to welcome you to our Experience Center.”

Delta Customer Experience Center

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