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Touch Panel HMI - Human Machine Interfaces

A human machine interface (HMI) is a platform which permits interaction between users and automation equipment. Delta’s HMI products provide communication ports for fast communication and control of a range of machines, systems and facilities. The intuitive color touchscreen enables parameter entry and ways to display variable data, including trend graphs and alarm elements. The high-resolution LCD display visualizes operating, monitoring and control in real-time. The user-friendly editing software guides incorporate easy-to-navigate icons and intuitive monitoring screens for applications, adjustments, scheduling and programming. Users are able to develop systems with simple wiring and installation, less maintenance and operating costs and more efficiency.

Products List

DOP-100 Series

Delta’s Human Machine Interface DOP-100 Series incorporates the latest Cortex-A8 high-speed processor and a 65,536 color LCD display panel with high brightness and contrast. The DOP-100 Series supports multiple network functions including FTP, E-Mail, VNC (Virtual Network Computing) Remote Monitoring, and NTP (Network Time Protocols) to meet customer requirements for cloud applications and smart manufacturing.

Advanced HMI
The Advanced HMI has a minimized frame for maximum screen width. It is equipped with more than one COM port and an Ethernet port. It features a multilingual input function for global customers.

Standard HMI

The Standard HMI with 2+ COM ports meets the majority of customer requirements. The Standard Ethernet Type includes an Ethernet port for fast connection with other equipment.

Basic HMI

The Basic HMI has basic functions for industrial applications and is easy to install. With IP55 waterproof protection, it is suitable for harsh environments.

DOP-W Series

The DOP-W Series Human Machine Interface (HMI) has large-scale high resolution and high brightness touch screens in 10.4”, 12” and 15” versions. With the latest Cortex-A8 processor for up to 1GHz pulse wave, the DOP-W Series delivers high-performance and rapid response. Its rugged, CE-certified aluminum enclosure protects against vibrations and ambient temperature changes. It features an IP65 waterproof front panel for harsh environments. Built-in stereo speakers increase utility and flexibility. The DOP-W Series complies with CE and UL safety approvals. It is an efficient and competitive solution for diverse high-end industrial automation applications.

HMC Series

The HMC Series is a new, advanced human machine interface. It has additional built-in PLC functions for sequence control. The HMC Series is equipped with two high-speed CPUs which ensure execution efficiency and guarantee system performance when running large, complex PLC programs. Equipped with Delta's DMCNET high-speed and real-time communication bus, the HMC Series can connect to the ASDA Series servo drives to provide high-performance synchronous motion control for high-speed movement and high-precision positioning.