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EV Charging Solutions

Leveraging advanced technology and innovative design, Delta's comprehensive range of EV charging solutions caters to every need, from the comfort of your home to the vastness of the highway. Whether you're powering up at home, visiting destinations, conducting business, managing a fleet, or embarking on long journeys, our tailored solutions ensure you're always charged and ready to go.

- Home: convenient EV charging from your house or apartment.
- Destination: where people park for an extended period, such as the office or hotels.
- Commercial: charging facilities can used to attract potential customers.
- Fleet: when you need a ready supply of charging power for your fleet of e-buses, vans, e-trucks or rental cars.
- Fast Charging: when traveling between cities and you need a 20 minute charge at a roadside service station.

Solution List

Home Charging

Charging Solution for residential buildings

Driving and parking habits suggest that more than 80% of electric vehicle charging is conducted overnight at home or at semi-public parking lots during the daytime, via AC charging stations. AC charging is cost effective and doesn't require large upgrades to the electricity grid. You can charge effortlessly from the comfort of your home with Delta's AC Charger.

Destination Charging

Charging Solution for office buildings, industrial sites, hotels, restaurants and more

Destinations where you park for an extended period of time, like office buildings and hotels, needs to provide EV charging infrastructure in order to stay competitive and compliant with upcoming regulations. A mixed AC and DC infrastructure from Delta will cover all your customers charging needs.

Commercial Charging

Charging Solution for commercial centres, grocery stores, fast food chain and more

Attract and retain EV driving customers with Delta`s EV charging station.The perfect EV charging solution for retail locations. By providing convenient EV charging as a service you can attract new customers and boost loyalty, making your organization the destination of choice.

Fleet Charging

Charging Solution for logistic centres,commercial vehicles, bus and trasnport companies

Fleets of EV trucks, vans and buses needs industrial strength charging infrastructure. With Delta's modular charging solutions you can scale to your needs, and charge your entire fleet whilst avoiding costly grid upgrades, keeping your CAPEX manageable.

Highway Charging

Charging Solution for Charge Point Operators (CPO) and Petrol Stations

With the increasing number of electric vehicles on the road, inter-city charging infrastructure is a must. Delta's convenient and super-fast DC chargers caters for all types of vehicles, allowing you to keep serving your clients and power the future.