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EV Charging

A Sustainable Future with Delta's Comprehensive EV Charging Solutions: Plug into a Greener Future 
At Delta, we're leading the way toward a sustainable future with our innovative electric vehicle (EV) charging technologies. Our range of EV chargers support a customized EV charging management system for optimal efficiency. We proactively address the expanding market for efficient and reliable electric car chargers, guaranteeing a smooth charging experience for modern electric vehicle owners.

Elevate Charging Infrastructure and Experience
Delta’s Smart EV Charging Infrastructure Solutions include a comprehensive range of products:

- AC Charger
- DC Charger
- EV Charging Management System

Embark on a Greener Path Today! 
Are you searching for smart charging infrastructure solutions to charge your electric vehicle efficiently? Download our comprehensive Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions (EVCS) catalog now! Start your journey towards a more sustainable future today.

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Products List

AC Charger

Experience Delta's AC chargers, where innovation and efficiency come together. With power ranging from 7 to 22 kW, these chargers are both perfectly suited for home charging and business charging settings. Due to their sleek design and universal compatibility, they are the perfect fit for every EV charging point.

DC Charger

Explore Delta's DC chargers, optimized for maximum power efficiency in electric car charging. Offering a powerful range from 50kW to 200kW, these chargers meet the high-speed charging needs of public charging stations. Their features, supporting various electric vehicle interfaces and ensuring cost-effectiveness, make them ideal for commercial points.

EV Charging Management System

Embrace the emerging trend of sustainable electric vehicle charging with Delta's advanced EV Charging Management System. This system is a cloud-based platform that caters to a variety of charging solutions. Designed for seamless and effortless integration, this user-friendly system easily integrates with your current infrastructure, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations.

Accelerate Into the Future with Delta's EV Charging Solutions


Are you ready to embark on a journey into the future? With Delta's electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, we position ourselves as more than just a provider; we are your visionary companion in the evolving world of charging technology. Understanding the challenges of adopting new tech, we offer more than products - we deliver personalized, comprehensive solutions tailored for both your home and business charging stations. Talk to our experts and get personalized solutions for your electric vehicle charging needs.

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