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Industrial Fieldbus Solution

Delta offers complete drive, motion and control product solutions for industrial automation. As well as general MODBUS serial communication, we also supply advanced CANopen, DeviceNet, Ethernet, EtherNet/IP and PROFIBUS fieldbus solutions, These systems are designed for complex and harsh industrial environments and meet demands for high-speed, stable applications.

Products List

EtherCAT Communication Devices

The EtherCAT remote I/O extension module

Bluetooth Communication Devices

A compact gateway using Bluetooth Low Energy with Mesh (V5.0)

Ethernet Communication Devices

Combines the most popular Ethernet and industrial products. Crosses the boundary of traditional transmissions. Offers 10/100M bps high-speed transmission and highly-efficient monitoring

EtherNet/IP Communication Device

Supports connection with Ethernet-compatible EtherNet/IP host devices with data collection, control and synchronization functions.

DeviceNet Communication Devices

Supports connections with products of other brands. Wire-saving network topology. Offers 500k bps fieldbus data transmission with high stability and high interference resistance. Ideal for applications in complex industrial environments.

CANopen Communication Devices

Flexible configuration. Supports CANopen DS301 and DSP402 protocols. Conducts multi-axis, high-speed and intricate motion control with max. baud rate 1M bps.

Modbus Serial Communication Devices

Supports Modbus serial communication with additional RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 ports and channel conversions for various on-site demands.

PROFIBUS Communication Devices

Supports max. baud rate 12M bps for distributed control systems in industrial automation settings.

BACnet Communication Module

Easy to install and integrate into building service automation networks. For reducing maintenance costs.