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Control Systems

Delta's display control system perfectly supports any type of video and data sources on any display configuration. The displayed content which comes in simultaneously from multiple sources can be presented across multiple display units as one large image, separate images, or the combination of both. Different types of controller options provide the right solution to meet your requirements.


The Delta matriXpro controller is a multi-screen graphics Video wall controller running on the Windows® Platform. The matriXpro Series controller drives multiple Video-wall cubes to form one large logical screen called a video wall or a data wall. It is designed for capturing, displaying and managing the varied sources on the Video wall. The matriXpro controller is a configurable system and can drive multiple Video walls having up to 100 units or more. It's flexible enough to display local applications, network-streamed desktops, and direct-connected DVI, RGB and video inputs – anywhere, and at any size on the Large system display, all within your 24/7 control room. MatriXpro offers the information you need to see, in the way you wish to see it and where you wish to see.

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