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Telecom Infrastructure Solutions

Standard Telecom Power Solutions
Indoor and outdoor AC/DC, DC/AC, DC/DC or even AC/DC/AC power systems. The flexible CellD and CabD standard platforms meet the needs. 

Energy Saving Solutions
Multi-source, energy-saving power solutions for telecom operators. Where power is unreliable or unavailable, our hybrid power solutions ensure telecom services by combining solar & wind power, diesel generators and fuel cells.

Energy Data Management
Whether the task at hand is to limit disruptions, reduce site visits, calculate generator fuel usage and runtime, replace batteries before failure, diagnose faults or schedule timely maintenance, iDEAn is a seamless continuation on top of our telecom power solutions.

Telecom Data Center
Regardless if based on DC-UPS, AC-UPS or HVDC-UPS, all our UPS solutions are designed to protect mission critical applications by maintaining a steady flow of energy under adverse circumstances.