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DLP Video Wall

Extraordinary Video Wall
Delta’s line of rear projection video walls are an ideal solution for 24/7 mission-critical control rooms where downtime is a serious factor. 
True Redundancy
Rear-Projection Video Walls provide the highest degree of redundancy at all levels (Light Source Redundancy, Power Supply Redundancy, Display Input Redundancy), ensuring the highest level of confidence in a 24x7 operating environment.
High Performance DLP Image Quality
Delta’s video walls produce life-like or detailed images by delivering crisp, sharp whites and deep, dark blacks. Powered by single chip DLP technology, video walls generate an unsurpassed image quality with incredible color depth and contrast.
Pixel-Perfect Uniformity 
An auto-color calibration system continuously monitors sensors in real time and automatically adjusts the color temperature and brightness in the video wall, ensuring control room operators view a perfectly uniform image across the entire screen, at all times.
Six-Axis Adjustment Base for Pixel-Perfect Alignment
The projection engine of Delta’s video walls is mounted inside the cube on a six-axis adjustment base, providing the ability to make precise geometric adjustments in six directions to obtain pixel-perfect alignment between individual cubes.
Scalable Design and Architecture 
Rear-Projection Video Walls can be stacked up to 6 rows high and any number horizontal. The base stands are available in standard heights of 800, 1000 and 1200 mm. Custom heights and the option of covered or open base stands are also available.