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Vivitek Helps Create an Immersive Adventure in Europe

Immersive Adventure is an innovative European company that designs and builds high quality digital projection systems to use in full dome immersive cinemas and planetarium domes.

It has recently entered into a partnership with Vivitek, a world- leading provider of visual display and presentation products to provide them with projection equipment required at many of its installations such as Euro Space Center, in Belgium.

The technology behind Immersive Adventure is used to great effect in planetariums where it’s used as a learning tool to educate young people about space. However, the software can also display videos explaining ocean currents, planet rotations and has even shown a video about the voyage of the Titanic.

The company has recently developed a ground-breaking new optical system, known as LSS, which offers unparalleled system flexibility with superb image quality and a great user interface. The LSS consists of a specially-designed “optical block” which, when positioned in front of a digital projector linked to a suitable computer system which generates a high-resolution full-dome image (180 degrees x 360 degrees).

The LSS optical block assembly is constructed to exceedingly high optical standards to allow for this unique modular design and flexibility.

Commenting on the partnership Patricia Savic, from Immersive Adventure said “We chose Vivitek as a partner due to the excellent range of projection equipment available which met our requirements perfectly. With Vivitek we are able to offer a wide range of products, from high- end to cost-competitive, addressing planetariums and spherical cinema. The projectors all have good colour contrast and excellent image quality which is essential for the Immersive Adventure experience.”

Working with Vivitek’s Spanish distributor Charmex International, Immersive Adventure has added two projectors across its new lineup including the H1086 and the D5280. High in performance and rich in functionality, the ultra-bright D5280 is designed for large venues. With the installer in mind, the D5280U features horizontal and vertical lens shift, central lens position, optional lenses and a comprehensive range of connectivity options. The H1086 is a 1080p projector with a bright and contrast-rich image at 2500 ANSI Lumens.

Holger Graeff, General Manager, Vivitek EMEA added “For any large venue projection environment the image quality is critical. For Immersive Adventure, the images displayed needed to highlight the fine detail and depth of the image within their full dome experience. They required the best quality components and processing software available. We’re delighted that through this partnership we are able to offer high-performance, reliable projectors that allow visitors to the planetarium to fully enjoy the experience.”

Immersive Adventure has now sold its Mini Immersive Cinema and Mini Immersive Planetarium technology products to museums and observatories in France, Portugal, the Netherlands, Italy, Turkey and Israel.

General Information:
Customer: Immersive Adventure
Product: D5280 and H1086
Market: Visitor Attraction
Challenge: Needed an ultra-bright, large venue projector range that offered a range of connectivity options and could meet the demands of projecting in a spherical cinema.
Solution: Vivitek’s large venue projectors; the H1086 and the D5280 were able to provide high performance, good colour contrast and excellent image quality which were essential for the Immersive Adventure experience.

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