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The Abbey of Santa Maria Incoronata in Foggia, Puglia, Italy incorporates an eco-friendly rooftop PV system1

In the region of Puglia, Italy about 13 km southeast of the city of Foggia lies a religious complex consisting of the Sanctuary of Santa Maria Incoronata, 2 dormitory buildings, and an Abbey. A small church was first established on the site starting in the year 1001 and later in the 1400’s an Abbey was established here. In 1950, the site was purchased from the Diocese of Foggia by Little Work of Divine Providence, also known as Don Orione, a large religious organization supporting the Roman Catholic Church with congregations in 29 countries engaged in the work of helping the sick, orphans, elderly and the poor. Between 1954 and 1965 Don Orione built the impressive Sanctuary of Santa Maria Incoronata and other buildings at the site such as the Abbey.

In 2012, Don Orione decided to pursue a substantial annual reduction in their energy bill. They chose PM Italia Energy for this job due to the strong network they have in the Italian religious community. The General Manager of PM Italia Energy Srl, Mrs. Cristiana Morello, was asked to provide an offer to Don Orione for a rooftop photovoltaic system on the Abbey.

PM Italia Energy was able to sign a purchase contract with Don Orione to secure the project for a new PV rooftop system at the site. The first step for PM Italia Energy in this project was to perform an energy audit to determine what size PV installation would be best to fulfill self-consumption for the Abbey and to also determine the FIT (feed in tariff) that would help pay back the PV system investment in 4 to 5 years.

A 160 kWp PV system was determined to be the best fit for the Abbey after the energy audit was completed. Delta Energy Systems Italy was appointed by PM Italia Energy to serve as the EPC contractor (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) for the project. Delta studied the project requirements and specified 8 Delta SOLIVIA 20 TL inverters to be installed in the system.

The Delta 20 TL solar inverter with 20 kVA nominal output power was selected because of its high max. efficiency of 98 %, high product reliability with a 5 year warranty plus 5 addl. years free with internet registration, and 2 MPP trackers with asymmetrical loading capability (67/33 %). Installation flexibility was ensured owing to the 20 TL wide input voltage range and the 2 MPP trackers with asymmetrical loading.

The PV system construction, procurement, testing and commissioning process of the PV system was completed by Delta Italy employees within just a few weeks time. After installation of the PV plant at the Abbey of Santa Maria Incoronata in Foggia, Puglia, the customer is realizing key benefits. The FIT gives some remuneration for the electricity fed back to the grid helping to pay back the system costs. The Abbey is able to reduce their annual energy bill by self-consumption of the energy generated by the PV system. The system provides an annual energy production of 183,202 kWh. The PV system allows the Abbey to have better control of their future energy needs, while providing more financial resources for the main work of helping orphans, elderly and those lacking financial means.

Besides the energy savings, another added benefit for the PV system is of course that of environmental protection. The system has a calculated annual savings of 97,280 kg. of carbon dioxide emissions. The PV system is helping the members of the Abbey to protect the earth and conserve precious natural resources, while also providing clean energy for the Abbey to sustain their good work. Delta is proud to be a part of such a project that is in line with their own corporate values, to help give back to society and also protect the environment.

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