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Delta UPS system for new shopping mall in Bratislava, Slovakia

In the Bory Mall shopping center in Bratislava, Slovakia, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) guarantees reliable energy even when external problems may occur. With a performance of 300 kVA, the system was delivered by Delta Electronics and installed by a local partner who also maintains the service. Delta Electronics has provided Bory Mall with an extremely cost effective solution featuring state-of the-art technology and most importantly, a 96% efficiency rate.

Preventing a power failure is a prime operational concern for all shopping malls, and this is why they are equipped with a uninterruptable power system (UPS). The system immediately delivers in the case of an interruption, the necessary power and voltage range – without alerting the public to any behind-the-scenes problems.

For this critical safety-related matter, shopping and event center, Bory Mall is relying on technology from Delta Electronics, the global leader in power and thermal management solutions, providing a well-balanced supply and voltage. Delta´s UPS can also manage large supply and voltage dimensions, which are necessary for the numerous shops, gym and multiplex located in the mall. The new 100,000 sqm Bory Mall complex is one of the largest retail and leisure developments in Europe and will offer a gross leasable area of 54.000 square meters with over 150 retail units and 12 cinemas.

Delta´s UPS product portfolio includes several lines which cover a power range from one to several thousand kVA; there are compact systems for small enterprises as well as system solutions for larger installations, i.e., R&D facilities, hospitals and server farms.

The local UPS specialist, EZ Profinal suggested an Ultron DPS system from Delta Electronics to investor Penta Investment Group. With Delta, EZ Profinal supplied a complete offer with a 300 kVA UPS and Exide Sprinter batteries that were installed in an EBC TJH battery rack. The projected performance is more than sufficient for the power supply of the building, which will soon be supplemented by a vast retail center.

Thanks to its advanced topology and its IGBT rectifier, Delta’s Ultron DPS features an outstanding 96% AC-AC efficiency, which is the highest degree of efficiency on the market. This high AC-AC efficiency rate is critical as it represents a significant amount of saved energy consumption. Another product highlight is the output power factor at 0.9 and a very low THD factor of less than 3%, which protects investment. All sensitive systems are secured by a clean power, and the UPS system is installed online to increase the power quality and life span.

An intelligent battery management system creates the pre-requisite for a high-availability, service-friendly design, and the use of high-quality components means low operational costs. The intelligent fan speed control contributes to low energy cost, as well. Delta has enhanced the design for battery management, swappable fans, and ease of maintenance. Furthermore, N + X redundancy or hot standby configuration increases system reliability.

Among the criteria which led to Penta´s decision to go with Delta Electronics and EZ Profinal, were the outstanding price/value-ratio, the high-quality and reliability of the product, as well as the fast installation, completed in only 7 weeks. Concerning service, EZ Profinal, with a standard warranty from Delta, was able to offer a five-year warranty together with a service agreement, showing great confidence in Delta´s superior product solutions and a strong desire to maintain a long-term partnership.

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