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Delta equips and commissions a state-of-the-art data center in Poland

The companies Laris and SPV Grodzisk, serving as investors, built one of the most modern Mobile Switching & Data Centers in Poland and in Europe. The facility will be operated by:

• Polkomtel – the biggest mobile operator in Poland, operating the mobile network Plus,
• Polsat – one of the biggest digital TV channels in Poland.

The main goal of the project was to ensure even better services for their millions of clients and to strengthen their market leading positions. The data center building was designed to be a home for more than 1000 IT devices such as servers, disk arrays, network switches, and more.

The technology that needed to be installed in the data center was outlined in a detailed plan, including the requirements for DC and AC power systems. Delta was one of the few potential suppliers in the field of power electronics who was able to produce this specific solution and who was able to equip it with some of the most advanced power technology available on the market.

One of the key requirements for this project was the availability of 3-phase AC/DC rectifiers with high efficiency. Delta met this requirement by offering the newest version of the 3-phase rectifier DPR 6000 EnergE, providing 96,5% efficiency.

Another essential requirement was that the power systems had to be delivered and commissioned within a very short timeframe. Delta had only 4 months to design, produce, deliver, install and start up all systems. This includes one of the biggest DC power supply systems in Europe, many inverter systems, big banks of OPzV batteries and many sets of dedicated two-section distribution cabinets, enabling highly reliable, bidirectional supply of the critical user’s equipment.

The key issue in the design of the big DC power supply systems was to balance the sources of energy with the collection points, to avoid unnecessary load of the bus-bars, resulting in limited energy loses.

By combining perfect design with high efficiency modules Delta has delivered state-of-the art systems, ergonomic, highly reliable and economical in operation.

Due to the excellent cooperation with the design teams, production teams, material suppliers, and subcontractors, Delta produced and commissioned the largest DC power solution in Europe to date, completing the project within a 4-month period.

Thanks to the great results and demonstrated capabilities during the work on this project, Delta became a regular supplier of Telecom Power Systems for base stations of Polkomtel. Additionally Delta continues to be Polkomtel’s valued partner for providing other solutions, such as LED lighting, PV solutions and UPS products.

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