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Telecom Power: CabD 3000 system platform demonstrates market leading power density

One of the global leaders in the telecommunication industry - mobile broadband and mobile networks provider - decided to invest in their test laboratory facilities. Their goal was to modernize and extend their broadband access network hardware and software R&D sites, consisting of several dedicated labs in different buildings across their headquarters campus.

Based on our long history of cooperation with this company, Delta was given an early involvement position. The customer’s laboratory management and Delta’s local sales teams negotiated preliminary solution specifications under good atmosphere. Budgetary technical and commercial quotations were provided well in advance prior to the project kick-off time.

During the infrastructure construction design stage, the customer and the main engineering consultant company discovered a major issue – the available floor space proved to be very limited and became a critical factor. This, of course, changed the project scope from business as usual, to space-driven and time-critical. The service level and delivery capability of the DC Power solution vendors became main award criteria, as the laboratory infrastructure modification work was already in process and the sites’ Go-live schedules were fixed.

As the project entered the redesign stage, Delta Finland was working as a team giving the right priority level to solve the challenges which the customer was facing. Sales, FAE-, CSC- and System engineering cooperated closely to provide the best technical solutions based to our 6kW Rectifier module and CabD product platform. The originally quoted DPS4000B-48 systems had to be replaced to improve the cabinet power density and thus to minimize the used floor space. As soon as the project leader from the customer side saw the complete turnkey proposals outlined and quoted, they confirmed that they would place the order with Delta.

As the customer’s schedule was incredibly tight, Delta took the initiative to start an internal order-delivery process keeping in mind the set Go-Live dates at each site. At this stage special arrangements were required: Delta’s Telecom Power Solutions team in Slovakia demonstrated outstanding service attitude and flexibility. It took effort and dedication, but Delta was determined to meet the customer’s schedule and expectations. All relevant teams – TPS team, Operations team, PP, MM, CSC/Order fulfilment, Logistics, Wujiang Operations team, among others, cooperated in order to make it happen.

At the same time, Delta was also working on sourcing all materials needed for installation and commissioning. The selected battery vendor - Exide - did a great job with timely deliveries to each customer site. When the power cabinets were ready to be delivered, Delta went the extra mile to optimize the transportation time. The systems were dispatched with “charter” trucks directly from Delta’s factory in Slovakia, making sure no days were lost due to logistics.

When the systems were delivered, the job of the Finnish installation team began. The team was working around the clock, including some weekends. The installation and commissioning of a total of 13 complete DC Power systems at different buildings/sites, was done within 4 weeks, and more importantly – within the deadline. The customer was able to switch on their critical test devices without wasting any time.

Delta demonstrated excellent customer service and flexibility during this project. Teams across all Europe worked together in order to make the execution and delivery of this project possible within remarkably short deadlines. With this installation Delta proved yet again that the true strength of our company is not just in delivering excellent products, but in solving our customers’ problems.

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