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Polish Power Electronics Distributor MPL partners up and takes part in Delta’s Industrial Power Supply growth

In 2005, two motivated Polish entrepreneurs founded the distribution company MPL Power Elektro. Their business model was to resell power supplies and to co-create their own brands. Quickly MPL dynamically developed to a well-known distributor in power electronics to various power segments in Poland and Eastern Europe. In order to use this dynamic growth, MPL wanted to enlarge their portfolio by more high-class power electronics products.

In 2008, as a large OEM/ODM power supply manufacturer for established brands, Delta introduced its own brand of standard power supply units: Industrial Power Supply (IPS). Besides the CliQ DIN Rail Power Supply and PMC Panel Mount Power Supply series, Delta introduced many more standard power supply form factors for a wide-variety of demanding applications from factory automation to food & beverage. In order to build up successful sales channels Europe wide for their IPS products, Delta started to look for reliable distributors in different areas in Europe in 2013.

In 2014 Delta and MPL had first discussions about a long-term distribution relationship and identified areas of cooperation. After the distribution agreement was signed, MPL replaced lower quality power supply products in their portfolio with highly reliable and energy efficient Delta IPS products on a large scale. At the same time, MPL was able to extend their portfolio to the customer with more Delta Power Electronics products such as EMI filters, fans and the consumer brand Innergie.

MPL has since grown to be the number one distributor in the EMEA region for Delta’s industrial power supply (IPS) products. The mutual success results, mainly related to Delta IPS, are not restricted to supplying MPL with products, but extend to a pro-active relationship between both parties. Delta IPS R&D takes the regular feedback from MPL seriously and is developing products tailored to MPL. Especially their panel mount power supplies are achieving great results. Besides typical industrial applications, IPS products can eg power applications such as petrol pumps, parking systems, transportation, elevators, escalators and wood cutting machines.

MPL itself is advancing to one of the most successful industrial electronics suppliers in Poland and Central Europe. With 130 employees MPL works in six branches all over Poland. In terms of logistics, MPL delivers 90% of the catalogue products on the day of order from its 2000m² warehouses.

MPL’s sales force and in-depth analysis of market needs combined with Deltas excellent engineering is a perfect foundation for a long term relationship with continuous growth, improving product quality, service and business opportunities. As a result MPL received the Delta EMEA Partner Award 2015, handed over by Delta Founder Mr Bruce Cheng. In the spirit of Delta’s brand commitment of “Smarter. Greener. Together.” Also Externally MPL is receiving awards on a regular base, for example in January 2016 MPL received 1st prize in best product competition for Delta’s LNE series with Dimming Function during the Light Fairs in Warsaw. In order to be in line with Delta Brand Promise ‘Smarter, Greener, Together’ MPL together with Delta’s IPS team will plant a tree for every US$ 100,000 purchase from Delta annually, in Poland and the Czech Republic.

News Source:Delta EMEA