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Delta Electronics Implements a UPS Solution at GSK Biomed

Delta Electronics has installed a UPS at GSK Biomed Company. The project was implemented together with an integrator, SC Optima. In order to upgrade the physically worn out and outdated UPS equipment, engineers at GSK Biomed made a request to SC Optima, which deals with supplies and installation of energy-saving equipment. In choosing the integrator and the UPS brand, the decisive factor for the client was the supplier’s readiness to work within a tight time frame and minimize the risks associated with the downtime of the production equipment connected to the network during the installation period.

The client chose the Delta Ultron DPS 160-200 kVA unit. The solution provides uninterrupted power supply, while securing reliable power protection in conjunction with a diesel generator. Ultron DPS is a three-phase industrial UPS. Its double-conversion technology uses a rectifier with isolated gate bi-polar transistors (IGBT). The N+X redundancy allows for greater system reliability, while the wide input voltage range ensures the high effectiveness of the three-phase UPS in unstable electricity grids.
The implementation of the solution took just a bit over 4 weeks. After the preparation period, which lasted about a month, the installation and launch of the UPS within the electrical network were performed in a few hours. It is important to note that the project stayed within the planned budget and followed the timeframe set for the installation of the UPS.

“The solution implemented by Delta Electronics fully addressed the needs and expectations of GSK Biomed and secured backup power supply of the critical equipment. We highly appreciated the shortened time frame for UPS installation and the high quality of the solution provided by Delta Electronics”, said Ilya Kolomiyets, utility engineer at GSK Biomed.

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