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Delta Electronics Develops a Tailored Comprehensive Solution for Miran Company’s Data Center in St.Petersburg

Delta Electronics has developed an integrated comprehensive power solution for Miran Company’s data center. The solution included industrial UPS HPH 120 kVA devices, an air conditioning system, power distribution units, monitoring equipment, and cabinets.

Miran offers a wide range of services, such as installation of equipment at the company’s data centers, virtual and dedicated servers, modular data centers, telephone connection, and internet access. Its clients include medium and small businesses, as well as large Russian and foreign market players. The company’s reliability and efficiency is proved by the PCI-DSS international certificate.

For any organization, correct work of its servers directly determines the operational efficiency and economic success. This is why Miran pays special attention to the solutions that ensure uninterrupted work of the company’s data center equipment. It’s crucial, because some of its services, for example, physical placement of servers and telecommunication systems, presuppose round-the-clock uninterrupted electrical power supply and air conditioning.

At a certain stage, Miran’s client representing a large mass media had the need for installing two 20 kVA racks in its data center on a very tight deadline. In order to secure the most rational electric power distribution, it was necessary to install the power distribution units inside each cabinet. As a result, the client chose 4 PDU from Delta Electronics with the needed capacity. Later, the company made a decision to install 7 more distribution units in its systems.

The power distribution units made by Delta Electronics provide a reliable connection of the IT equipment to the power network and increase the efficiency of data centers by using a built-in monitoring system. In addition, the employment of the Zero-U technology reduces the required useful space inside the cabinets.

Later, Miran also decided to start a new business line for server hosting. Originally, the servers were installed in the 600 mm cabinets. However later, due to the need to use high-density servers with non-standard dimensions, the company decided to use Delta Electronics’ 800-mm wide cabinets. Modular racks are characterized by an increased amount of useful space and intense heat dissipation through perforation holes. The double rear door design allows for a narrower aisle between the rows of cabinets and easier technical maintenance.

In addition, in order to ensure effective extra heat dissipation for the server, an in-row precision air conditioning system RowCool by Delta Electronics was installed in the data center. The client chose the HCH6C60 Humidity Control model, with the cooling capacity of 35 kW. The distinctive feature of this solution is the combination of the inner and outer blocks, which provides high energy efficiency with low maintenance expenses. Besides, the high cooling capacity creates the opportunity for cutting the expenses related to purchasing the cooling equipment, and its compact dimensions reduce the space needed for the data center. At the same time, the design of the air conditioner makes it possible to add more air conditioning systems to the cabinet row in case of increased heat load.

By the middle of the year, the demand for the services provided by Miran increased several times. That’s why the company needed to implement a high-capacity industrial system. To provide the respective heat dissipation and cooling at the data center, the company chose a three-phase Ultron family UPS by Delta Electronics, HPH series, with the capacity of 120 kVA.

This double-conversion UPS ensures high performance efficiency of conversion of the input and output voltage, and the input power factor equal to one. The N+X redundancy increases the system’s reliability, and the wide input voltage range allows the system to work in the networks with highly unstable parameters and reduces the number of times the batteries are charged, thus increasing their service life. At the same time, the backing up of the auxiliary power and the fans makes the whole system more reliable.

Vitaliy Nikolayev, Miran’s Chief Engineer, explained: “Our main objective was to provide round-the-clock support to our clients, as well as to ensure the effective uninterrupted operations of the data center. This is why we are always quite meticulous in choosing our equipment suppliers. Our company is continuously developing, studying the most advanced technologies and models in the market. Several times, we have chosen products offered by Delta Electronics, and each time we were very happy with our choice. For us, the decisive factors are the high quality and the attractive prices for Delta’s products, as well as the quick, effective and pleasant work of the support team. This is why we intend to continue our cooperation with Delta Electronics in future.”

In the next stage, Miran is planning to implement another Ultron family UPS, the HPH series, with the operating capacity of 120 kVA, and to expand its cabinet park.

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