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Vingparken Conference ensures meeting success for everyone thanks to Vivitek

Modern ways of working and the tools we use to do our work have challenged the conventional model of the fixed workplace. Thanks to increased connectivity and mobility, you’re as likely to pop into a café to participate in a conference call as you are to go there to enjoy a coffee. However, even in the age of Skype and video-conferencing, one thing hasn’t changed – people still need to, and like to, meet to discuss work-related matters. For offices that have recently decentralised in a bid to encourage mobile working – or smaller businesses that can’t afford a large office – the issue of where to meet and whether it will have the facilities for a meeting, starts to present a problem.

Hoping to resolve this issue, is Vingparken Conference, set in Moss, Norway, and opened in January 2016, it is the first-of-its-kind in the field of pop up meeting rooms. Set in a refurbished former key and keyring factory, its modern facilities range from meeting rooms designed to accommodate up to 60 attendees, to the highly respected RO restaurant, which is able to cater for functions ranging from lunches to wedding celebrations.

Given the breadth of its offering – and the fact that you don’t need to be a member to use its facilities - Vingparken Conference has rapidly found favour with the many small businesses that surround the centre, as Linn Marthinsen, Chief Operating Officer, Edumax AS - a value-added distributor of visual communication, education and learning solutions – said: “Vingparken is really well located. It’s at the heart of many professional businesses ranging from medical, psychologists and aroma therapy. These are skilled professionals who have offices but not meeting rooms or enough space to accommodate large meetings.”

Playing a role in making meetings a success, is Vivitek’s DH976-WT, a high brightness multimedia digital projector. The DH976-WT delivers astonishing image quality and is perfectly suited for any meeting room. With a brightness of 4,800 ANSI lumens, 1080P resolution and an outstanding 15,000:1 contrast ratio, the projector delivers outstanding performance. The DH976-WT also features DLP Link and BluRay 3D functionality, Crestron RoomView certification, high-efficiency lamps and an assortment of connectivity options for easy connection to a variety of multimedia devices. This ensures it’s flexible enough to meet the projection needs of many users.

Before deciding on which projector brand to opt for, the senior managers at Vingparken assessed several different vendors, reviewing criteria that was key to them and, ultimately the end users. Linn explains more about their decision making process. “Value for money was really important for them. So too was reliability and the reassurance of a comprehensive warranty. Product specification requirements meant the projector had to be well specified and easy to install.”

Vivitek’s DH976-WT was considered to best meet Vingparken’s needs and today it works in conjunction with a number of touchscreen panels in the meeting rooms to create what Linn describes as a “…really interactive and versatile environment, no matter what the purpose of the meeting may be.”

News Source:Delta EMEA