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Delta’s Fast EV Charging and Battery Energy Storage Solutions Support Greenway’s EV Stations in Bratislava

Delta supports Greenway’s GridBooster stations in Bratislava, Slovakia with its fast electric vehicle (EV) charging technology and Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). This innovative infrastructure consists of two EV Chargers and one is from Delta Fast EV Charger, with capacity of 50 kW currently, but scalable up to 150kW and a BESS that can store 52 kWh of energy and dispense up to 60 kW of power to efficiently manage its impact on the electricity grid. High system efficiency is facilitated through our DEEMS (Delta Efficient Energy Management Solutions) platform, which oversees the available grid power and communicates with the BESS and EV chargers. This success case demonstrates the unique capabilities of Delta’s diversified solutions in assisting smart grid infrastructure for sustainable cities.

The project was installed at the Avion Shopping Mall in Bratislava, Slovakia earlier this year. Key to the success of the project is the unique modularity of Delta’s Fast EV Charger. If the operator of the EV charger wants to increase the power from fast charging to ultra-fast, the simple introduction of additional modules permits possible expansion in 10 kW steps from 50 to 150 kW DC (belonging to the highest commercially available DC chargers on the market). This modular solution is also highly cost-efficient as it reduces the need to invest in additional higher-power EV charging stations.

Conventional fast-charging stations draw their electricity directly from the energy grid. However, this new system draws energy from either the BESS or the grid, or both. Moreover, the battery can be recharged from the grid during lower-price off-peak hours, or from a local renewable source such as a solar panels. The DEEMS platform monitors energy from the grid and provides a boost from the BESS whenever needed. Furthermore, via remote control and configuration software, it is possible to monitor the activities of charging stations on a 24-hour basis. Wireline and wireless connectivity (Ethernet, 3G, GPRS) are available, while local and remote authentication and billing offer further potential. The entire system is built on open architecture, so there are no proprietary structures.

Importantly, Delta’s fast charging technology can provide energy for up to four EVs simultaneously (up to two DC ports, plus up to two in AC), dramatically reducing the total investment, the queuing time for users and the on-site space requirements. When only one EV is DC-charged, this takes all the available power. However, as soon as additional EVs are connected, the power of the charger is automatically and dynamically split among all the charging EVs. When configured to provide 150kW of output, it allows users to charge up to a 100 km range in just 10 minutes. This fully certified product has already been successfully deployed across Europe, including Norway, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Slovakia and Finland, demonstrating its reliability under very different climatic conditions. The unit features all-weather buttons and display.

Delta Charger is also the only product of its type to offer an optional 1000 VDC output voltage range. As a result, the product can operate in two DC voltage ranges: 170-550 and 340-1000 VDC. In accordance with the vehicle to be charged, the right voltage range is automatically prepared for administration.

The rise of battery-powered electric vehicles (EVs) will entail the development of a vast amount of new infrastructure, particularly charging stations, which in turn demands the adoption of an EV ecosystem strategy in cities around the world. Many major cities are today looking to expand the access to home and workplace charging, improve the public charging network and integrate EV infrastructure into core city processes.

The game-changing potential of this technology not only concerns better local energy management, but on-site renewable energy generation and storage by so-called ‘prosumers’ – those who both produce and consume their own energy. When similar systems are deployed in larger numbers they would be able to deliver flexible storage capacity to the whole energy grid. This “smart grid“ concept would stabilise the grid, support the integration of more renewable sources into the energy system and potentially enable society to change from the current system where a large, centralised energy utility generates electricity and sells it to consumers.
Further benefits of the technology that appealed to Greenway in the development of GridBooster included maintenance-free operation and low noise levels during charging.

Delta’s President and General Manager for the Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) region, Mr. Jackie Chang, said, “We believe in technology and collaboration, and are dedicated to providing innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow by working closely with our customers and partners. Through its diversified and highly capable smart energy infrastructure, Delta is supporting Greenway’s deployment of battery-assisted charging system for EVs in Slovakia.”

“We are very pleased with the equipment from Delta Electronics,” states Peter Badik, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of GreenWay. “Their technology is top of the line and cutting edge, and we feel confident in deploying it for our users. The ongoing support from the Delta technical team has been excellent too. They made numerous trips to work with our technicians to configure, test and commission the technology. Today, the GridBooster system is up and running, functioning well and successfully serving EV drivers in Avion, Bratislava. We look forward to further partnerships with Delta."

Ultimately, the Delta Fast Charger represents a modular and future-proofed system that can be easily upgraded as requirements change, minimising TCO (total cost of ownership) in the years to come. Combined with minimum installation effort compared with other available systems, versatility in station design and user-friendliness, the Fast Charger sets the benchmark for the future of EV charging stations.

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