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Delta’s POD Data Center Solution Enables Vietnam’s First Uptime TCCF TIER III-Certified Data Center for Hanoi Telecom’s Subsidiary HTC-ITC

Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, today announced the successful implementation of its energy-saving POD (Point of Delivery) data center solution to enable Vietnam’s first Uptime TCCF (Tier Certification of Constructed Facility) TIER III-certified data center for HTC-ITC, a subsidiary of Hanoi Telecom. The TIER III certification by the U.S.-based Uptime Institute entails an annual uptime of 99.982% for this newly-implemented data center. This IT facility is also expected to achieve an eco-friendly high-efficiency-grade(1) annual power use effectiveness (PUE) value as low as 1.4 through the support of Delta’s high-efficiency uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, in-row precision cooling, environmental monitoring platform, racks, accessories, and the Data Center Infrastructure Monitoring (DCIM) system for comprehensive and remote control.

Madam Trinh Minh Chau, chairwoman of HTC-ITC, expressed her delight to corporate with Delta Electronics, a foreign global enterprise. Their aim for cooperation with Delta is to build the best quality data center and to provide world-class service to customers in Vietnam and around the world.

Mr. Victor Cheng, Delta’s senior vice president and general manager of its Information Communication Technology Infrastructure Business Group said, “We applaud the continuous efforts of HTC-ITC and its parent company Hanoi Telecom to facilitate next-generation ICT infrastructure for their customers in Vietnam. Being able to construct the country’s first Uptime TIER III-certified data center for HTC-ITC is truly an honor for Delta. Together with our partners and customers in the region, we are building the foundations of the 5G networks that will support substantial economic growth for years to come.”

HTC-ITC’s new data center, located in the Hoa Lac High-Tech Zone occupies 750 square meters and has a total power capacity of 750kW original requirement + 750kW for redundant power protection, in line with Uptime’s TIER III 2N architecture specifications. This data center is expandable to 900 racks in total. Delta’s highly modular and scalable POD data center solution provides the ideal flexibility and reliability to achieve that rigorous qualification. Unlike TIER I and TIER II, the Uptime TIER III Constructed Facility Certification (TCCF)-certified data centers do not allow shutdowns during maintenance or replacement. For example, in addition to the 99.982% annual uptime requirement, float voltage on the isolated equipment must be close to 0 while no hotspots with a temperature over 25°C are allowed. The data center of HTC-ITC has reached 52 tests to pass the TCCF certification, the first time ever for a data center built in Vietnam.

Delta’s energy-saving POD data center solution also provides integral support for this new IT facility to achieve the expected annual PUE of 1.4. The solution combines the DPH series modular UPS system and the in-row precision cooling system with variable fan speed control to facilitate hot aisle containment or cold aisle containment architectures. The DCIM platform to enable comprehensive and remote monitoring and control of entire and multiple data centers; as well as racks and accessories to simplify implementation processes for enhanced efficiency and performance. Moreover, the POD solution offers a fully modular design that helps customers with a pay-as-you-grow concept and rapid installation process to meet the rapidly growing needs of high-speed 5G networks and IoT applications.

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